Apr 27

BRIMSTONE part 8: Things We Leave Behind

Brimstone part 8

Nobody will forget the night the skies over L1B burned, or all that was consumed in the maelstrom. But sometimes what is lost is not as horrific as what remains. Amid the melted cars, the ash, the charred bits of bone… are the things we leave behind.  

Apr 13

BRIMSTONE part 7: The Banu Send Their Regards

Brimstone part 7

Wars blaze across entire star systems, while crimes – like the theft of ancient artifacts – can victimize entire worlds. But while fleets and armies are dispatched to resolve differences in battle, criminal matters are often handled at a more… personal level. These moments are often less about justice than they are about revenge. A […]

Apr 4



To start, we had to reschedule PurgatorialFlame because of scheduling conflicts. That doesn’t mean I’m leaving everyone in the lurch! In its place, INN took the opportunity to track down an early MVP’er. This week, we’re going to have an MVP INNterview with M3neillos!