Mar 21

Spiral Maneuvering

Today Legacy Instructional Series is back with another dogfighting training video!

 Exercise ID:  DFM1-1 Spirals

Exercise Type:  Combat Training

Exercise Map Type:  Crusader

Exercise Player Requirement:  Solo

Maneuver Featured:  Spiral (other names: barrel roll, barrel yaw, helix, skidded roll)

Maneuver Difficulty:  Intermediate

Maneuver Stability/Predictability Rating:  Low



To practice the fundamental concept of using combined roll along with pitch, yaw, and/or strafe to maintain motion in a direction of flight while tracing a helical path.

Courtesy of Nimrod_77



Smooth, low jerk, accelerating, spiraling path toward an object or direction.





Common Errors:

  • Using too much (or not enough) roll to keep up with pitch.
  • Demanding too fast/wide of a spiral, resulting in vector becoming uncontrolled, culminating in a “flat” aileron (axial) roll with zero defensive capability.
  • Doing too tight of a spiral, resulting in an axial roll.
  • Letting the reference point “wander” on the screen, resulting in an uncontrolled vector.



Producer, Pilot: Vin

Test Pilots: Valk, Daniel40

Credits: Splooshie, Filanwizard


Part of the Legacy Instructional Series




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  1. Wyack

    Nice ! And well explained enough even for non native english ;-)

  2. Ketzie

    Really good videos, very helpful indeed.

    If possible i would like to see a new version where you show at the same time how you move your HOTAS and pedals while doing these manuevres.

    • Vin

      Roger that. . . We’ve done some videos with an overlay in the lower right hand corner, it’s just that we take a video quality hit when we do that. . . we’re working on a way to add it in post processing so that doesn’t happen.


    excellent beginner’s guide. it’s useful for all space game!

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