Mar 30

BRIMSTONE part 6: We Interrupt This Program


Tensions are running high as the fires of war spread from the Vanduul front lines to the streets of UEE, Banu and Xi’An homeworlds. As the resources of law and order are sucked increasingly into the war effort, intrepid journalists risk life and limb to beam video of crime and terror. It has become a […]

Mar 23

BRIMSTONE part 5: Edward Isn’t Here


While it may be all piracy and mayhem out in the black, it is mystery and murder that lurks the brothels and back alleys of Brimstone. The search to figure out what was in somebody’s head can take you to some pretty bizarre places. Even by Brimstone’s standards, few places in the ‘verse promise to […]

Mar 20

The Call

amanda 1

We’ve all had ’em; those days when things start off badly and go straight to hell from there. Those are the days we are thankful for the unsung heroes of the universe, the ones who answer the calls for help. A big /salute to all of you!

Mar 2

BRIMSTONE part 3: A Second Head

Brimstone part 3

IMPORTANT NOTE BRIMSTONE READERS: My INN debut story GOLIATH was initially written as a stand-alone piece while the Brimstone arc was being created. The events of that story have been fully inter-woven in the fabric of Brimstone, so if you are following along and haven’t yet read GOLIATH, now is the time. Consider it as […]