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INNside the ‘Verse Episode 53 – the Disco Lando Diaries

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Hello Citizens! This week on INNside the ‘Verse, Disco Lando joined us to talk Star Citizen. Enjoy!

This week’s cast is full of a ton of information, as well as a whole lot of Disco Lando making fun of Erris. Because really, doesn’t everyone?

CmdrCruisinTom and Shiver also join the cast to fill the time with witty banter and English accents.

It’s a good time, with lots of good insight into Star Citizen, so we hope you enjoy.

As always, the first segment of the cast is filled with talk about the news of the past week, and the second half of the cast takes questions from the audience.

If you’d like to watch live, INNside the ‘Verse airs Saturdays at 2:30 Eastern time.


Notes provided by: Wang Phat

  • Disco worked at Disney. He didn’t see the movies and lived a Disney life. He knows the intricacies but hasn’t seen the films. He ran a one man show at Disney w/ Mushu.
  • Ship behind Disco in a glass ship is a Wing Commander ship.
  • There’s an INN logo on the unfinished set wall.
  • There’s a AtV segment with Pedro Camacho that’s being filmed on Saturday (day of podcast).
  • People are in working on Saturday for 2.2 and Disco came to open the door for them.
  • CCT thinks the Scout is the coolest thing. It has hover stairs. It’s longer than he expected – especially Dorsal fin.
  • CCT likes the Sabre, it’s more maneuverable than Vanguard but less than the Gladius.
  • Disco likes the new EVA system in Covalex. Sabre is cool and is coming along.
  • Big issues were Asset Corruption – big red blobs. SCM was overzealous. CryEngine Animation error is the current issue, happens with over 16 players, CryEngine process for it crashes.
  • Not sure if that ties in with the Frankfurt animation work.
  • Brian Chambers goes into more depth in the weekly AtV videos as he’s the studio head and knows what he can and can’t talk about. There are doing amazing work, but the other studios contribute just as much.
  • Open Development doesn’t mean they spoil the game. CCT reckons it’s like watching a pot boil.
  • INN writes everything Disco says down.
  • Frankfurt do engineering stuff that is easy to talk about. They also do Cinematics that isn’t spoke about, same as everywhere else, every studio does a bit of everything.
  • Disco’s job is to make sure people don’t speak about things they shouldn’t. Ensure nobody steals Chris’ Thunder.
  • CCT appreciates the Party System. Makes it easier to play with friends and get people into the game reliably for videos.
  • Hardest thing is running a live environment alongside development. Things come online at different times depending on when epiphanies  happen. Parts get reprioritized as you have to strike while iron is hot. Hence why Crusader comes before Party System. Or why it’s taken so long for Holotable. Sometimes it takes a new person to provide new perspective.
  • Disco is unsure if the game would be announced if it were a regular game. Supposes what a normal game is nowadays, something like HL3 or Overwatch don’t get announced till they are about of Beta. This was a topic in Episode 52 of INNside the ‘Verse.
  • Disco says there is no virtue to announcing a game very early. He says the open development is hard but would never change it, he really likes it. They are learning the hard lessons – whoever does this next would have it easier but he’d prefer to be part of the trailblazers.
  • Open Development would only change the development process if the company decides that. Like with the Press, they typically ask about money first and they need to explain that first as that’s the most curious part. The crowdfunded money isn’t a topic in the office. Press are starting to come around to open development model – they are starting to see they fulfill promise.
  • It’s not a scam, it just takes time. At least a month.
  • It would take IRS involvement to refund CC.
  • Cutlass is the most hated ship of CIG. It has the best trailer and is used in all demos. They did a large in-depth post on the Cutlass. It’s the biggest deep-dive into a ship ever done. Cutlass came along at a rough part of the Ship Pipeline.
  • Nothing about ships are cheated, interior and exterior, every have the detail of a hero ship from another game. Figuring out how to do the pipeline efficiently took a while, between the first and second pipeline was when the Cutlass came along – resulting in a less than easy development.
  • Between second and third pipeline, they realised they learned a lesson from making ships. So they plan to make all the ships first before they start redoing ships, that way they get better results from having learned more lessons.
  • Like how the Sabre took 5 months from concept to flight-ready, due to lessons learned from Aegis ships.
  • Re-concept of Caterpillar is taking time because they are still fleshing out the Drake Interplanetary style guide.
  • They aren’t starting with a bigger Drake ship because it’s too big.
  • Style Guide for Drake helps with Cutlass, Caterpillar, Buccaneer and Dragonfly.
  • Longer waited for a ship, better ship is made.
  • He’s the self-confessed worst community manager ever.
  • CCT shares that inside of the Freelancer there was lots of piping and wiring that’s usually not seen but was visible from a bug.
  • Very first Freelancer was made when figuring out how to make ships, second Freelancer & Variants were to check out good a ship could be made to look.
  • It had lots of rivets that each took 700 tris. Old second Freelancer had a bigger resource footprint than the Idris.
  • If all four Freelancers were loaded it once the game would slow to a crawl.
  • There is a new Shipyard post on Freelancer coming.
  • They can’t hide the stuff inside the ship walls w/ LoD.
  • Better ships will happen later as they’ll have learned more lessons.
  • CCT thinks Prowler will be the best ship.
  • Also, depending how much is learned from a ship, they can take longer, regardless of how many ships are made.
  • Like how old Merchandise doesn’t look like those ships currently.
  • Digital Size of ships has gotten smaller too. Current Constellation is an eighth of the size old Constellation models.
  • CCT didn’t let Erris ask Scout question.
  • Extra Toasty Cheez Its are best Cheez Its.
  • Question Section is what Inverse the Verse was.
  • Disco isn’t a lawyer but doesn’t think that gambling would happen as UEC is planned to be available to buy with real money, it would be tantamount to gambling in real life. Like GTAV.
  • Shiver wonders if player run gambling rings on, for example, races would be permitted. Disco still isn’t a lawyer.
  • They don’t have all the answers on day 1. It’s not like construction, it is development. You develop and grow ideas as you go.
  • More experience sometimes means that ideas change which is why ideas for years in the future aren’t always planned.
  • 7 Universal Clothing in Casaba when it’s put out. Disco doesn’t know how many clothes will be in.
  • Due to patching plan where whatever is ready is added to the next patch, Disco doesn’t know how much will be in 2.3, etc.
  • Erris is not in the PTU.
  • CCT was put in by Disco. Shiver used to report bugs and earned access. He hasn’t downloaded it because of ADSL.
  • There’s not a typical day at CIG, he plays the game more than he used to a year ago. He’s been at the company a year. Some Saturdays he comes in, some he doesn’t.
  • As things get nailed down, he plays more.
  • He watches lots of streams instead of play so he can keep track of who’s out there.
  • He plays Star Wars Uprising and Star Trek Timelines in a virtual Android device on his computer while waiting for renders. He doesn’t like tapping at his phone.
  • Erris plays Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. It’s the most free-to-play game ever. He plays it at Work.
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a more free-to-play version of Star Wars Uprising.
  • No update on Salvage mechanics. Austin are developing it, so he doesn’t know. He usually sees things a few weeks before we see things.


  • Disco has seen a Idris flying around Crusader with a Hornet manually landing in it.


  • He reiterates he’s the Worst Community Manager ever. He has business cards he’s not allowed to use with it.
  • Disco isn’t sure if the map has expanded in 2.2, it has been reconfigured but not sure if it’s increased on size.
  • Disco’s father was wondering if you could fly to Crusader, you can’t, but he spent 6 hours trying. Lesson: The map is big.
  • Disco’s father is getting a big Asus curved monitor. He also bought a Warthog despite Disco’s recommendation of starting small. Warthog has buttons, many buttons.
  • CCT requests a 3-way toggle switch on the Official HOTAS.
  • Erris requests more information.
  • They are waiting for a production prototype where they can test before going on sale with it.
  • Disco comments on MadCatz company, they made a bad bet on Rock Band but overall revenue is up. They are doing really well with Street Fighter sticks.
  • Saitek made a X65F that doesn’t move but is force sensing. Very accurate but was deemed too different.
  • There wasn’t a large need for sticks but there is now with space game revival.
  • In Tony Zurovec interview, it was thought that Shopping/Persistence then Nyx were imminent. Disco says it’s still coming, they never said it was the next update, just that it was coming next. Also thinks the order hasn’t changed.
  • Nothing new about Torpedos.
  • Tony Zurovec only speaks about Austin’s contributions, if he mentioned an update version, he was speaking figuratively. It was a best guess. Like the Starfarer.
  • Starfarer is turning out to be introduction to Capital Ships.
  • Starfarer is not a Capital Ship but is like a floating FPS level in space. They really want to get it right – put their best foot forward.
  • 2.3 is a good bet for Starfarer. But don’t gamble on Star Citizen updates.
  • Cannot predict how long it takes to fix bugs. Systems work fine on their own, but bugs happen when systems are combined for patches. It’s hard to predict.
  • It’s compared to making a cake.
  • Star Marine menu was in initial 2.2 PTU. It was due to a mistake when copying PTU batches. Should be fixed now.
  • Erris is still not in the PTU.
  • Star Marine isn’t cancelled. Still coming. http://isstarmarinecancelled.com
  • Erris likes the new RtV format, they had good feedback.
  • Open Development doesn’t mean they are beholden to act on all feedback. They will always accept feedback, but they might not always act on it.
  • In AtV, they mention working on the New Player Experience (Tutorial).
  • Some people didn’t like the RtV font on the overlay. It’s not getting changed, Disco likes that font.
  • Some places they do want feedback, like image references for the Buccaneer.
  • Some people wanted the RtV buttons to be moved. Buttons aren’t clickable on Twitch but are on YouTube – where it is viewed most.
  • INNside the ‘Verse is listened to most on Soundcloud.
  • Good feedback regarding quality of RtV.
  • Only RSI chat questions in RtV now. No more questions from Twitch chat. They forgot to mention that.
  • RSI Chat is an open protocol and uses XMPP chat protocols, you can use it on your phone.
  • Only backers can ask questions, that’s the reasoning behind the changes.
  • INN will answer non-backer questions.
  • Superhot review coming up on INN.
  • Monday transcript for 10 for the Chairman. It’s back while Chris is back in the US. He’s mostly in the UK to finish up Squadron 42.
  • Why should I Fly _______ article coming out on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday will have Fiction and Bugsmashers transcript.
  • Around the Verse transcript on Thursday.
  • Reverse the Verse summary on Friday.
  • More INNside the ‘Verse on Saturday with a guest – maybe a streamer – Erris needs to check with Dolvak.
  • There’s something special from CIG on Tuesday. Check Twitch on Tuesday Afternoon, it’s on Comm-Link Schedule.
  • New INN Segment on Thursdays where the interview AtV MVPs.
  • Dolvak is back next week.
  • Outro music.
  • Thanking Lando.

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