Feb 15

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 51

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Hello Citizens! Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 51!

Welcome to this week’s INNside the ‘Verse! We’re just one week away from episode 52, which apparently means something.

I can’t remember what though.

Either way, this week’s episode was exciting! Dolvak was a Waffle House! (and also wasn’t even on the show). CCT, Shiver, and Erris talked about things, including FPS, what Star Citizen means to each of them, and how much money is enough for CIG to complete the game.

Erris also shamelessly tried to promote an article he wrote about ‘head starts‘ in games, but we didn’t listen to him, because he’s smelly.

We then asked a number of good questions from the Twitch chat, as we do now every week.

As always, if you’d like to ask us questions, listen live, Saturdays at 2:30 Eastern, or send us in your questions, either by commenting on the bottom of this post, sending us a Twitter message, or getting in touch via email!


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  1. TomTrustworthy

    Star Citizen will be like other games in that each player will make the game what they want. Similar to how Ultima Online is/was and how Dayz is.

  2. broc

    I really wish as a concierge member, that CIG would give me the expansions like they are for the veteran backers who only backed $45.

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