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Reverse the ‘Verse Ep. 73 Liveblog

It’s another Friday which means Reverse the ‘Verse! Check out INN’s transcript

Incomplete Transcripts

  • Two weeks in review!: Ben – Heck of a two weeks. Last time they had RtV was before Thanksgiving. Big news has been 2.0.
  • Devs are working on build after build on the PTU, it’s gone from unplayable to pretty stable. They’re getting very close to launch.
  • Lots of work, 24/7 work trying to get 2.0 closed out. They also moved to their new office.
  • Still having parts of the building being built (the kitchen is being built apparently). Hennessy’s been building some cool AtV sets that’ll premiere soon, they’ll have lots of ‘stage room’
  • They’re doing RtV at Disco’s desk right now, not the permanent home of RtV.
  • CIG also doesn’t have a front door on their office right now yet, so people come and go through the community area.
  • Sandi’s out scouting locations for CitizenCon (meaning it’ll likely be in Santa Monica next year?)
  • Ben hopes everyone had a good Thanksgiving, for the Americans, and good normal days for everyone else.
  • Apparently someone who works for Whataburger corporate watches RtV, sent Ben and co a whole bunch of whataburger swag. Shirts and cups and stuff.
  • Whataburger is a hamburger chain primarily in Texas since the 50’s. Apparently they make good hamburgers.
  • They’re talking about gas station food now.
  • The last RtV they did, they were talking about how they went to Target and did a face scanning thing to make Star Wars action figures, and it wouldn’t work, out of the blue the folks in charge of the company wrote to Ben saying they were sorry about the experience, and apparently they’re doing special prints of characters or something.
  • There are more important people with connections watching RtV than they expected, basically.
  • There are Star Citizens all over. Secret Star Citizens Everywehere!
  • Alexis mainly worked on getting settled in for the office move, talking to Saitek about the HOTAS< getting things set up for the sale of that, etc…
  • Another big livestream coming December 16th. Apparently there’s some pretty cool visuals to show off in Dec. 16. Sounds like they’re more prepared than normal for the 16th. ‘There’s some stuff in this livestream that shocked me’ Ben.
  • You can see Ben’s office directly in the background.
  • They can’t tell us what it is, but we’ll see it soon, and it should be awesome. Patches are shipping, if you ordered them, T-shirts will be shipping too, the Answer the Call ones.
  • Justin walked to Taco Bell, and will never do so again.
  • Disco got a Christmas card from Justin, and he’s opening it live on stream now.
  • Disco being Disco, he’s criticizing Justin’s kind gesture. Apparently it’s too well sealed for Disco.
  • The card donated money to St. Judes. Disco hugged Justin. Because it’s a nice card.
  • Ben and Alexis have a tree up. Disco has a tree that has some star wars stuff on it. They’re talking about Christmas Trees now.
  • Ben’s collected all the Star Trek Hallmark ornaments. There’s also a Taylor Swift ornament that sings apparently.
  • Darian Vorlick walked in in the background. He’s busy on 2.0.
  • Disco collected all the Captain Phasma figures. And Chris came by and started playing with them. And then started knocking over. And then Chris Roberts is at Disco’s desk fixing Disco’s figurines and… yeah. Disco enjoyed it apparently. Chris is cool.
  • This is the first RtV since the Anniversary livestream. Introduced Mark Hamill to the world. Big props to Hennessy making the Anniversary livestream happen.
  • They’ve started shooting bits for the livestream on the 16th.
  • Video Game Awards last night. Chris went. They presented an award, showed of SC 2.0 trailer, etc… There was some confusion with the wording. They’re very close to live, but it’s not out quite yet.
  • Still good to get SC gameplay video out to a different audience.
  • Lots of new people since just yesterday. Turbulent was doing some numbers. Since yesterday, 2300 new accounts.
  • So that’s the last two weeks. Star Wars is coming soon, holiday livestream on the 16th, and now it’s time for Q&A!
  • [Freelancer?] The Freelancer will be the next multicrew ship introduced. They’re freelancing as we speak. Getting set up now. Full steam ahead on it. Apparently they’re crushing on it. The shots from AtV were generated on Tuesday of this week.
  • It’ll just be the base model, same rule as the Connies.
  • [News on the Drake Buccanneer?] None yet. They’re working on a plan for next year for ships, they’ll share that with us once it’s locked down.
  • [How’s the PTU going?] It’s going great. If you’re in it, you’ve seen the vast improvement over the last week or so. They were hit with an unexpected slowdown build that’s preventing them for iterating publicly right now, they might have it solved, there’s a build cooking right now they’re looking on it. There’ll be a 2.0 update later today (text update, not patch)
  • They’re talking about what to do next. They may be able to expand the number of people with access.
  • [Unmelts?] Still on track for delivery. No dates, but it’s not a far off distant thing, it’s the immediate future.
  • [How long do builds take to cook?] Good question! Around five hours or so now, five or six hours. It used to be 8-12 hours.
  • Most of that happens in Austin, so they don’t see too much of it in Santa Monica. Builds never end though. As soon as one build hits, they’re working on the next one.
  • They’re talking about Wing Commander now, the manuals for the games. Ben’s showing off a nice pretty colour manual.
  • Earlier this week they put up the ship loaner matrix. One of the columns on the list was designation between single and multicrew. It’s just an internal designation for Disco, so he can keep them separated in mindset. It’s not a literal difference.
  • The Reliant and SH have two seats, it was more a mental designation for this is a personal craft vs. this is a group ship etc…
  • There are a lot of people in the background, I can’t see them all though.
  • Calix, Randy, Kirk, and Matt have arrived. There’s a Christmas tree of developers hanging out now.
  • The new office has a lot more space. The construction isn’t fun, but they’ve got a lot more room, which is nice.
  • They’re working on more 2.0 tasks and bugs, working on stability, they think they’re very close.
  • Working on explosions. The ships have been breaking apart funny, they get tangled and glitch. A week before PTU, they discovered that collision was causing some problems, so they’ve worked out that issue, should go live soon. Working specifically on refining the way ships get damaged and break up.
  • [Starfarer?] Starfarer is in the UK. Elwin and Dan were looking at it yesterday. It’s looking great. It’s at the point where they need to do some hangar stuff so they can put it into Hangar.
  • Dev – ‘Can we tell them about the few ships we will deliver?’ Ben – ‘No!’
  • [Loaner system] They’re for playing purposes, not hangar purposes, so you won’t see loaners in your hangar.
  • No updates yet on the Morrow tour. 2.0 is being worked on instead right now. All hands on deck for 2.0.
  • Will see some things about it on the 16th though.
  • [Next Great Star Marine?] Yes. Ben was writing it up for the website yesterday, Sandi and Vincent are working on it right now, probably kick off submissions later this month. They’ll ask people to build an SC helmet first as a test. If you’re a character artist, start thinking about helmets!
  • [Track IR?] It doesn’t work yet. No-one has the answer to that yet either. No Track IR now, or until someone gets it to work, but it is in the feature list. They’ll get it to work eventually, but it’s really taking a back seat to things like stability and framerate.
  • Tali and Connie balance – doing balance for the Tali and the Connie, getting that into the state they want it. Generally the goals are to have it so that a multicrew situation comes out on top. Should be able to take advantage of multiple people controlling things like shields, radar, turrets, etc…
  • They envision the Connie, it’s been built to have a really devastating forward facing armament. The Tali is more designed, it has its torpedoes and missiles to do tons of damage, but for actual dogfighting the Tali is about having fewer places to go where you can’t be hit. The Tali will have guns on you at all times. It’ll be a matter of who can manage their multicrew better.
  • 1 v 1 connie and tali, one player only, the Connie will probably win, because the Connie is forward facing more. A fully crewed Tali vs. a fully crewed Connie though, the Tali will likely win.
  • They’re working on DPS values on all their weapons based on size as well, and working on expanding out the turret variety.
  • The balance is a challenge, but they’re getting there. It also gets into flight too. The Tali has armour that the Connie doesn’t have. Its hull is naturally stronger, and the shield is a bit stronger as well, though the Connie shields currently recharge faster. The more manoeuvrable Connie vs. the more heavily armoured Tali. Just lots of different areas where there’s interesting balance going on.
  • Right now because of the incompleteness of how the stations are, especially the Engineering, once that’s designed the copilots will have much more say in the outcome of a battle, by doing things like shifting power to shields, etc… Once that system’s in multicrew dogfights should be much more dynamic.
  • Next year we’ll see a lot of headway for what will make a multicrew ship, for multiple stations etc… Lots of that is the avionics computers in ships. They drive everything digitally in the ships, so they have to make sure all that’s set.
  • Hopefully they’ll get the Merlin pilotable as an escape ship from the Connie too soon.
  • [multicrew vs. dogfighters?] They are still intending for it to be three hornets against a Connie. They’ll take lots of damage too. For a Tali, it’s three hornets, and one of those hornets is dead.
  • Another big transition they’re making is the interior physics, and being able to EVA in and out of ships and what happens with gravity. They’re working on how Cargo will work as well, and how they’ll treat being able to place cargo. The Cargo bay on the Connie has a brownish texture that are magnetic plates, which is how the Connie will secure cargo.
  • And they’d like to get into docking too eventually, and start having the interplay with docking and cargo.
  • The Microphone they’re using is an AKG P-120
  • No news on Grabby Hands, but they can’t wait to get that in as well. They’re talking about getting that pushed a little harder maybe, but it’s a complicated system. Touches the entire game, so..
  • [Slave turrets to a pilots seat?] That’s how it’s supposed to work. There are bugs in which that doesn’t continue to work. They’re trying to work that out, has to do with the network when you enter say a SH, you’re supposed to have control over the turret if there’s no copilot.
  • There are some issues with that they’re having, but they’ll get it fixed.
  • [What’s up after 2.0?] Watch the second half of Tony’s interview on next week’s AtV
  • [Balance on light fighters?] Probably going to wait to see how the current balance plays out first. Using PTU to check out multicrew, that’s been the focus.
  • [What ships can fit through which jump points?] Disco is working on that list right now, and then it’s something that’ll be put up.
  • [Info about HOTAS?] Tune into the livestream on Dec. 16 for more information. And there’ll be more info on teh site about preorders and pictures and such soon. And there’ll be some polls next week too possibly.
  • [Alien Languages?] No updates right now, that’s being done in Austin, they have no updates.
  • [Flight Model changes in PTU?] Generally pretty happy with what Calix is seeing, but that’s why it’s out there to see. They need more interaction with it before they can decide. Even the early stuff of people flying around is awesome though, so they’re optimistic.
  • Even when 2.0 goes live, it’s not the end of development. There’s a long road ahead.
  • [Will there be any level up experience or skill system?] No. You’re using your own skills. You have to be good at space combat or making deals, there’s no artificial levelling system.
  • They want player skill informed by item choice, loadout, and skill, not the other way around.
  • They need to refactor the Mass values for all the ships, because the mass values are haphazard right now. Mass will go into ship health, flight characteristics, etc…
  • [Are we going to be able to lock our ships?] Eventually, yes. It won’t be grand theft crusader forever.
  • Eventually we can lock ships, turn on and off lights, etc…
  • [What are you most proud of in 2.0?] Calix – Flight. Having the flight out and playable and having precision, cruise, having mass affecting top speed and behaviour, afterburner etc… There’s so much more there now, and there’s going to be so much more, proud of where the flight model is now compared to where it was.
  • Matt – Large maps and Multicrew ships, which is what the goal of the game’s always been kinda. Nice to load up with friends and burn everything.
  • Randy – Crusader map in general. People are jacking each others ships, playing FPS, it’s a big step towards what Star Citizen is.
  • Kirk – Connie. Implementing the connie from Gamescom. Getting it up and running, at least the semblance of multicrew, and it serves as a testbed for what multicrew entails. They’ll be implementing more of what each crew member will do and how they work together as a team too. All about making the big ship experience come to life.
  • More from Calix – Zane’s UI update. Really exciting to get that in, and it looks amazing.
  • Ben ‘Do you like secrets?’ Secret Missions! Today’s the 25th anniversary of Wing Commander the Secret Missions. It was the precursor to modern DLC. Ben’ll talk about all that tomorrow, cause he’s doing a play through of the game. Gonna play all 16 missions, special guests, people involved with the game’ll be around. Wing Commander trivia, history, historical oddities, etc…
  • Tomorrow, 11am Pacific, streamed on
  • Ben’s not sure how long it’ll take. The Original Wing Commander, 18 missions played, took 8 – 9 hours. This one has 16 missions, but they’re much much harder. So no idea how long it’ll take Ben to do.
  • And that’s RtV! Thanks for reading, hope you learned things. Wing commander livestream tomorrow will not be transcribed by INN
  • And that’s the show.

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