Dec 18

Reverse the ‘Verse 75

Tis the Friday before Christmas and time for the Last RtV of the year.

Incomplete Transcript

Notes in Italic are INN thoughts, notes in BOLD are Important news

  • I see, Lando, Alexis, Ben, Justin and Wulf! -The team will be leaving early tonight to see Star Wars
  • There is sanding going on in the lobby
  • Lando and Ben are talking about how impressed they are with the procedural landing preview and how it’s evolved
  • During the livestream it was decided that they are going to show the demo live on CR’s PC
  • AtV will be a short one next week
  • QA is a suggested door way into the industry
  • New Years Eve will also feature an episode featuring Nyx
  • Lando may have Ben pun Stockholm Syndrome but not Justin Chambers Stockholm Syndrome
  • If you’re a subscriber you can get 1 discounted version of Jump Point Vol 2 and normal price there after. They are available for non-discounted prices to non subscribers
  • It’s a pre-order because they need the numbers to make it happen in the first place. It’s also sold at non profit
  • They are talking about Star Wars
  • “Keep not being jerks it’s the way of the future” -Ben Lesnick
  • Justin managed to get Adele tickets
  • A fan wrote a thank you letter from Canada to Lando. It arrived open and it has been scanned for anthrax he claims
  • Unmelt system was meant to be out today, waiting to hear from Turbulent on that
  • 2.1 might be pushed to a limited quantity on the PTU today
  • why Sean ‘Criminal’ Tracey? He may appear later to be asked
  • Does the Idris have a hangar underneath for the Argo? We’ll see
  • Freelancer will be flight ready in 2.1 but not the Vanguard
  • The current in hangar Vanguard is like an advanced greybox
  • No update on Banu MM but work is being done still on the Caterpillar
  • No unannounced surprises in 2.1
  • Why did the Starfarer get bigger? foundry 42 UK did that, they seem to like doing that when they redesign ships. – Cargo system is coming up soon but no ETA. They want to do some missions based around it
  • Foundry UK are very experienced at creating large space games, so spaceships are in good hands
  • Sean Tracey has appeared he is content director
  • He first met CR in 2010 when he worked in CryTek as the U.S. business director he was in charge of licensing
  • Sean gave CR the SDK so he could build the first prototype ship for SC it was a Hornet
  • Sean is able to make up a prototype pretty quickly which is how he moved up when he was at CryTek and was one of the supporting voices from inside at the time
  • Sean is explaining how he helped on the original CryEngine video to promote SC and how the tech has changed and evolved
  • Sean is Cit number 5 Ben is 3
  • Sean is saying how he’s wanted to work on SC since he first saw it and how he made the choice to leave CryTek for CIG
  • The demo was put together in 2 or 3 days but the tech has been worked on for longer
  • Sean is talking about the evolution of the procedural tech from buildings to planets it call came together in the last month but only been useable for about a week!
  • The big goal is oceans, lakes, waterfalls, trees, animals everything you would expect on a planet
  • The emphasis is on player interaction making an evolving story on planets
  • Sean started in the ‘scene’ as a modder, the origin of his name comes from his online handle in those days when he and his brother created a mod for Crysis turning it into a mech game
  • Sean is talking about it’s odd how a lot of the mod team he worked with were only known by handles and how it was odd working in person together at CryTek
  • Sean really wants to make a Battletech game a big battlefield all mixed arms jumping in and out of your mech etc I want this game
  • Some writers have joined, Cherie, Will Weisbaum and the other one that isn’t Dave Haddock
  • The writing team is dressed rather spiffily and everyone is talking about how they are in casual formal for the office Star Wars outing
  • Refactored EVA in 2.1 will feel a bit weird at first!
  • Pure physical EVA in game as opposed to animation based on the ground. This required a mix of ragdoll and animation sometimes at the same time
  • When you rotated you would rotate from your feet, you need to rotate from the centre of mass, which will be added in 2.1
  • The animations will react to the environment now, if you are nearing a narrow gap for instance, your arms will tuck in
  • You will now tuck the gun into yourself in ZeroG to aim the weapon, it is bugged in 2.0 as you hold the gun away from your body
  • The poses are calculated using the hip joint as the reference point
  • You see a lot of half finished things because that could be a state where it’s just playable so it gets rolled out
  • Lots of annoying bug fixes in 2.1
  • Sean is describing a bug he spent a day and a half fixing with someone from the UK
  • If something is broken then one reason they may not be fixing it is because it’s part of a system that will soon be obsolete so there is no point wasting time fixing it when it wont exist
  • 300 series not up for refactor yet
  • Lots of server optimisation at the moment, seems to be the focus at the moment
  • Sean is explaining about Cryengine server core usage and how it relates to performance and stability.
  • Sean is explaining the differences under the hood of EvE and SC servers.
  • Basically the more cores you have the better you are. If you have an I7 you’re going to get better performance than an I5 with fewer cores
  • This is the last of the RtV of the year and things are wrapping up
  • Merry Christmas from the team, watch their social medias too if you want to see more of their antics, dont drink and drive etc
  • Sean says a really heart felt and genuine thank you to all backers for the funding
  • More cool stuff to come. There’s AtV’s to come, see you in the ‘verse!

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