Dec 23

Bugsmashers: Episode 17


TLDR BY DOLVAK: The quantum drive was allowing ships to get stuck inside objects. In this case a ship could fly into a station and clip into the geometry.  This was fixed by adding a ray trace to a part of the spooling phase where there wasn’t one before. A crash was caused by code that […]

Dec 16


Star Citizen Reclaimer

Hey INNers, here is the first fiction piece written by our new INN staff writer, Marksman. I hope you’ll welcome him warmly and enjoy his first entry to our fiction offerings. Keep your eyes open for future postings by Marksman himself.

Dec 9

Those Who Came Before, Part 1

Constellation Aquila

Hey INNers, first in a two part series. This will be the first story put out featuring one of our Indiegogo supporters who donated to be included in our fiction. Big thank you to Flynt for supporting our campaign and I hope you enjoy your little piece of the Verse.

Dec 2

The Coriolis Effect, Part Two


For more episodes in this series, check out Pyre of Flowers, We are the Dead, and The Coriolis Effect, Part One! Marian woke up in the hospital. Or rather, she woke up on a gurney. In what looked like a warehouse. Strapped down, though this was rather unnecessary as she couldn’t seem to move from […]