Nov 4

Package Comparison Chart

Hello Citizens!

Check out this excellent Package Comparison spreadsheet, kept up to date by fastcart!

CLICK HERE to view the chart!

Hello all. I’m fastcart, a moderator on INN’s Twitch channel. You can generally find me on Tuesdays (9 PM EST) during INNverse the ‘Verse.

This chart contains information on various ship packages available (and no longer available) for sale.

Here’s some background about the chart some of you may find interesting.

When I took over this chart’s updates in March 2015, it took me 4 days off and on to make it presentable. Every time there’s an update, making changes take about 15-30 minutes to a couple of hours. For instance, updates for the November anniversary sale should take about 2 hours to update.

To reach the Total Value, I added the standalone ships’ values, plus the values of soundtracks, maps, etc., then the flair values (finding the values for some took forever), and the UEC credit value divided by 1,000. For The Completionist package, the package had extra copies of some ships and flairs which are denoted.

I did not add the value of the hangar however. Since the same hangars are sold with standalone ships versus their packaged counterparts, their values cancel each other out. Including their value would only serve to further inflate their values over SelfLand hangar packages (of which many already seem like bad deals).

Similarly, I decided not assign any value to insurance.

I aim to be as accurate as possible. So if there any inaccuracies, please let me know. Also, I’d appreciate suggestions for improvements. For updates, go to

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued contributions, support, and suggestions. The chart would not be where it is without your help.

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  1. Charles Davies

    Missing the AMD package.

    • ThunderGod97

      Yep, confirmed, AMD Package is missing.

      Mustang Omega
      Legacy AC
      SelfLand Hangar
      Starting Money: 1,000 UEC
      2 Month Insurance
      Digital Star Citizen Manual
      Star Citizen Digital Download
      Squadron 42 Digital Download

    • fastcart

      Thanks for that! It’s been added.

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