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Star Map Q&A – Part 1

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Ken Hwang from Turbulent. David Haddock, Cherie Heiberg, Adam Wieser, and Will Weissbaum from CIG Santa Monica answer your Star Map questions!

Star Map Q&A Part 1


Several members of the CIG team have sifted through the questions you posted earlier about the Star Map and they have brought some developers to answer the ones they felt the community wanted to know the most.

Ken Hwang from Turbulent. David Haddock, Cherie Heiberg, Adam Wieser, and Will Weissbaum from CIG Santa Monica all took part in answering your questions.

Question 3

Can you explain how the Ark Starmap relates to the Game Universe Map and the Digital Starmap package items?

The Game Universe Map that some backers pledged for is a physical poster that will feature a 2D representation of the Ark Starmap. The Digital Starmap is a digital copy of this poster.

The ‘Map Room’ is also still in the works and will be an additional area added on to hangars that will allow players to interact with the information in the Starmap in unique

Question 5

The information on the map is great, but what about more information? Wouldn’t more information be even greater? What about Galactic Guides and the Galactapedia?

More information would be great, and we are eager to provide it as you explore the systems and worlds of Star Citizen. To put things a little more into context, the short blurbs we have in currently might not look like much, but with the number of systems, worlds and celestial objects we have there is around 60 pages worth of text in the map already. Just like the large game, we hope to release more information in steady waves. Our next step will be to begin to connect the Starmap to more detailed Galactapedia articles as they become ready to post. The information will be more high level to start, but as the game gets closer we will continue to add more and more details and continue to flesh out the world.

As far as linking to the existing Galactic Guides and Observist articles, we debated it, but decided in the end to keep them separate. Lore-wise, the Ark is a scholarly institute whereas the Galactic Guides and Observist articles are more akin to tourist and traveler resources. It’s the difference between reading an encyclopedia and a guidebook or studying a map in an atlas or a map printed in a brochure you find in a hotel lobby. The Galactapedia will be connected to the Starmap while the other posts will link into other various resources.

On a more meta level, because we have a better understanding today of how we want systems to be designed then we did when we first started writing the Galactic Guides, a lot of them have little details here and there that are out of date. We didn’t want to link the Starmap directly to incorrect information. Our hope is to eventually update them, but that is a large task and will take some time. As a first step, we have already updated the Stanton Galactic Guide to match the most current design.

Question 6

How do undiscovered systems factor into the Starmap? Does the Starmap automatically update even if a system isn’t reported?

The Starmap only shows known systems and jump points. There’s a lot out there to discover, and it wouldn’t be fun for anyone if we added that to the Starmap. To answer the second question, the system would need to be reported in order to be added to the Starmap. This way, if a pirate faction discovers a jump point, or if an enterprising merchant discovers a new, resource-rich system, they can keep their discoveries to themselves.

Question 9

Will we be using the Starmap to track missions and trade information in the game?

Our current thinking in-lore is that the Ark Starmap will not have live data. The Ark will release regular updates, but information needs to be vetted, confirmed and double checked by researchers before making it on to the official map. To keep track of more up to the minute information, that is where the mobiGlas’ skyLine and other apps will come into to play. SkyLine is where players would store their personal information on top of the map. This could be stuff like secret data, information from NPC sources, and mission locations. They would also be able to switch on additional layers with the latest data from the TDD about trade or the Advocacy about crimes that are happening, etc.

If you haven’t checked out the Star Map yet click here! You are missing out if you haven’t seen it already! For the original article on the Star Map Q&A you can find it here at Robert Space Industries.

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