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Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 68 Transcript

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 68’s Transcript

Transcript by Erris & CanadianSyrup,

LiveBlog and Transcription in progress Italics are INN notes, Bold items are important things from CIG

  •  Soon!
  • aaaaand here we go!
  • I see Disco, Ben, Justin, and Hennessy
  • Welcome to RtV! CIG’s weekly informal lifestream! Ben’s week’s been good and busy. He went to the movies a lot (and also worked a lot). Wednesday was Back to the Future day, and the theater next-door to CIG had all three BttF movies in a row. So they went and saw them.
  • Ben also saw Steve Jobs last night. Apparently it was not a good movie.
  • Work related though, Ben had a large meeting about Crucible, Reliant variants, and the next wave of ships. Crucible needs one more pass. Reliant variants are art-complete, going to design soon.
  • There’ll be an update on the Reliants soon. Dave Hobbins worked on them.
  • Ben’s going to work on the Crucible this afternoon, to show things like ‘how the robot arm works’
  • Basically Dave Hobbins is amazing. Long story short.
  • The four people on RtV right now (the four amigos, as the community has never called them) (Sandi just arrived), they’re going to Texas, to host a Bar Citizen on the 8th. Details will happen shortly.
  • They’re looking for a good bar to host it at now.
  • Next week there’ll be the second ‘subscriber exclusive’ RtV. Only taking questions from the Subscription chat / forums. That’ll be Wednesday, it’ll be art focused. Some of the Art team’ll be by to answer questions.
  • Wednesday, October 28th, 11am CIG time.
  • Staci’s here now too.
  • Staci’s been working on the office move, which is getting very close. It’s happening, and will be as efficient as possible.
  • Tonight is ‘bad movie night’ at CIG apparently. They’ve got popcorn and IPA’s and cider and such.
  • They’re watching ‘star crash’. Imagine Star Wars, made in Italy, starring David Hasselhoff. It’s his first movie apparently.
  • Tom Henessy has photgraphic memory about what cars people at CIG drive.
  • Sandi is working on the USB prototype to look like the Constellation, VIP Citizen black cards, and MkIII Model
  • Hennessy spent most of the week trying to get used to being back in the States again, getting stuff shot in the UK back up, etc…
  • They’ll be working on the new sets for backdrops for AtV and the like.
  • Anniversary live stream is a week early due to thanksgiving and physical store merchandise will be 20% off.
  • Two CIG staff made a spreadsheet of all the restaurants in the area, so they can try to visit them all before they leave for the new diggs.
  • 1.3 is very very close. Can’t guarantee it’ll go today, but it might. Almost certainly next week though.
  • Flight Model post – designers are still wrapping it up. Probably Thursday next week, is what they’re hoping for.
  • Next week they’ll be filming a video segment to go along with the post as well.
  • Putting together a Cutlass Q&A together, John Crewe from the UK will be answering some questions from the forum thread.
  • Later today there will be the star marine / 2.0 update, letting us know blockers and such. There’s a cool look at some of the stations in 2.0 later today too.
  • They show a 10 for the Producers yesterday. Darian and Eric Kieron Davis. And apparently there’ll be a surprise for next week’s AtV.
  • Allie and Ben started their diet again, which means Ben hates life and everything in it again. But good for them. All support for Ben and Allie and Disco and everyone else going through diety-stuff.

 15 minutes – Question time


  • [Does the 20% off sale include the connie ship model?] Alexis is coming in to give exact details. 20% off will be all physical merchandise, with the exception of the Connie model. Those will also be discounted, They will be a Flat $80 across the board. It’s considered a Bigger discount for non subscribers as there is a 20% discount for concierge / subscribers normally
  • [Art Sneak Peek?] The Art Sneak Peek was one of four different ‘style boards’ that surfacing artists are working with for the Xi’An scout. Not indicative of what you’ll see when the ship gets to the game, it’s an experiment, to see some work in progress.
  • Prowler is starting its creation process this week.
  • [Archimedes?] Ben was in the forums a little yesterday about the Archimedes. On AtV, it was referred to as a racer. Just because they call a ship something, does not mean that that’s the only thing it does. They called it that because it’s the faster snub fighter, vs. the Merlin.
  • It is still an interceptor, it still has guns, it’s just faster than the Merlin. Look for more info on the forums from Matt Sherman.
  • They’re removing the centerline gun from it, but it’s being replaced with a ‘fuel supercharger’ that allows the P-72 to recharge its boost, which the Merlin can’t do, and it gets 4s1 guns instead of 2 like the Merlin.
  • Remember that the component system will allow us to configure ships well beyond what they’re specced for. We get one configuration when it’s sold to us, but we can alter it heavily.
  • In the SC lore, no-one’s building a straight racer ship. The M50 and such, they’re variants of fighter ships that have been modified to race better.
  • ‘What’s a Pirate ship?’ Any ship a pirate has use for.
  • [Alpha 2.0 let you play with friends in your user list?] Unsure. Last Disco heard, you’ll be able to see specific instances, and if your friends are in an instance, you’ll be able to coordinate to join the same instance. But that’s the intention, might not be at the start, might be a few patches in.
  • [play as female in Alpha 2.0?] There’s a segment from Jason Hutchins in yesterdays AtV talking about that. Wont’ be in the first drop of 2.0, but it’s on the horizon.
  • [Love star citizen?] Yes.
  • [News on the automated un-melt?] Still in the works. It’ll be done when they can. They’ve got a plan in place, they’re working on making it a reality. Lots of considerations for the system.
  • [VR in SC?] Absolutely. No ETA.
  • Matt Sherman just arrived.
  • Toast is here!
  • Randy Vasquez is working on the Salvage system.
  • Reclaimer’ll be crazy when it’s built out, for how big it is, just eating ships.
  • [Question will we get the vanguard or sabre in the PU soon?] You will be able to fly them when they’re ready, It’s a long way off for those ships still, when they’re ready you’ll know
  • [Conniesin PU?] Just the base Connie at launch, but the work on the base one will be worked on to create the variants, they’ll happen after baby PU.
  • The Direct Feed version of the Morrow Tour, they’re working on that in the UK, but they don’t have it yet.
  • [When can you add EVA mechanic back?] 2.0 probably.
  • [Can we use Vanguard for exploration?] Yeah, why not. Shine on. The Sentinel would be best in theory, cause of its electronics kit, but… it should be able to go out and come back. Not as good as a dedicated explorer, but having options in your ship is important.
  • [how many players will alpha 2.0 support?] Pushing for 40, not sure what they’re at right now.
  • Eric Kieron Davis stopped in
  • Eric got a lot of bugs fixed this week. Put out four PTU’s. Lots of planning for ‘future stuff’ that they’re talking about later.
  • [Will the aurora get an update pass like the connie & freelancer?] Possibly not the same scope as the connie. Long term, it’ll likely get some visual updates for the new component system. Some cleanup so all parts have a place on ships.
  • That’ll apply to all current flight-ready ships. There are lots of ships they need to get into the game, but the retro fits would be taking invisible components and giving them a place in the ship.
  • Any visual updates would be part of that update pass.
  • They’ve got a lot of ships they want to get flyable first, but they have a plan, and older ships will get love eventually.
  • [bottom turret in connie, inverted?] Not sure. Something that’s been explored, but might not happen. Disco’ll find out later.
  • [news on optional rear turret for Connie?] No speculation till the base Andromeda at least is flyable. They need to get things they’ve promised in first, then they can consider other options.
  • [Avenger variants?] They’re coming. They’re in the plan. We’ll hear more. There’s a new ship pipeline that’s getting close to wrapping up, we’ll get more info when that’s done.
  • [Can we play as aliens in the future?] Not at launch. Something they’ll consider post-launch, but no promises.
  • Eric Kieron Davis will be on The Base tonight
  • [Will large ship owners get a loaner connie in 2.0?] Yes. Either a Connie or a Tali, it’ll depend on the value of your larger ship.
  • [Grabby hands news?] It’s a system. It’s a name. That’s it.
  • Dead Weight made Randy Vasquez a cool Caterpillar thing, that he really appreciates.
  • They haven’t forgotten about the Caterpillar.
  • [Glaive currently has s3 shields, yet the xml for s3 shields on the Gladius says it’s 3x stronger] Lots of things are in-flux. THey’re not going to tune to a razor’s edge balance yet. THere will be wild variations that pop up in the next year or so. Things need testing and tuning. It’s an iterative process. Long term there will be cleanup, but it’s not a drop everything to fix just one thing, cause there’s other stuff that needs work first.
  • Plus components will be going through iterations, and those’ll start filtering down through ships. Old size system doesn’t apply any more. There’s a lot more to customize your ship when the components come though.
  • Cherie is here now too. She’s working on Star Map stuff. The Star Map will never be finished. Its going to continue to iterate and get better.
  • Ben’s reading the INN running transcript right now
  • Everyone’s reading this transcripts right now
  • What Lando just said is now showing up
  • Ben is now.
  • Hi Disco! We’ll wake you up every saturday if you want.
  • Eric is showing off his flux capacitor watch
  • Cherie’s laugh is back, it makes Disco happy.
  • [work on 890 jump?] Not much beyond the concept for the 890 jump. No answer on if it’ll get bigger or not yet.
  • [Xi’An scout still 2 person?] Yes.
  • [How large is the crucible?] It’s like THIS big. Its repair bay is large enough to fit a Hornet or Gladiator (internal repair bay). Big, but not huge.
  • Think tugboat. It’s a tugboat / space shuttle.
  • [Next 10ftC?] When Chris gets back. Chris gets back the 30th or so. He’s still in the UK, working on some SQ42 stuff. Going from stuff they have recorded to final product of stuff.
  • [85x jump drive?] Nope. It’s a snub. It lands, but it doesn’t jump.
  • [Justin is Dreamy]
  • There was a little bit of INNception earlier. I miss that. It was great.
  • Alpha 2.0 will launch with Tali and Connie hopefully, that’s the plan, and the single seat ships already available. Freelancer’ll come at a later point. Not at launch.
  • [Animals in PU?] There are pets, and there are fish.And there’s Flat Cats and such. So yes.
  • [Space Pets?] Yes. They were a stretch goal.
  • [how many human skills fit in an elephant skull?] Question is from Cherie. She wants an answer. Go to work Internet.
  • Justin likes the new Adele song. It’s like your soul is singing. apparently.
  • [Pisces?] No. It’s a rover. Nothing on that.
  • [can snub fighters super cruise?] They’ll be able to go faster than engagement speed, but it’s not close to quantum. A minute in quantum could be 30 minutes at super cruise.
  • Loaner for Sabre will be the Hornet, that’ll happen soon.
  • [professions testing in 2.0?] Not in the first drop, but it will test mining and salvage and such eventually, as they’re finished. First drop of 2.0 is basically what we saw in Cit Con (with a few extra surprises that we have to look for)
  • [Reliant?] Yeah, It’s a ship!
  • [why aren’t there more droids?] Because Droid is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm & Disney. But you’ll see some droids in 2.0, cause they’re used in places there’ll be deeper systems later (like repair).
  • There is lore why there’s no extensive AI and such, but there will be repair droids and such.
  • Next Wednesday! Subscriber exclusive art-focused stream!
  • Flight Balance post hopefully by Thursday!
  • Cutlass Q&A! THey’re getting questions for John Crewe in the UK.
  • Nov. 19 is the livestream which will kick off the Anniversary sale, and there’ll be cool stuff on the livestream. 20% off physical goods, but not the connie model. It’s 20% off the subscriber price, more than 20% off the non-subscriber price. It’ll be straight $80.
  • There WILL be ship sales, but not ‘on sale’, just brought back ships. There may be a new ship. Maybe a chance to buy the Caterpillar.
  • They don’t know what they’re bringing back internally, so believe nothing.
  • in push for release for 1.3, getting close. Update on that later today. Hoping to get it out today.
  • 2.0 is coming very well as well. Multimedia update about that later today, read about bugs and such.
  • And that’s it! Lots to look forward to.
  • Disco, Ben, Randy, Cherie, Toast, Matt Sherman, Justin! They’re signing off!
  • See you on Wednesday!

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