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Reverse The ‘Verse – Episode 66

This post is a transcript of Reverse The ‘Verse – Episode 66, material that is the intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and it’s subsidiaries. INN is a Star Citizen fansite and is not officially affiliated with CIG, but we reprint their materials with permission as a service to the community. INN edits our transcripts for the purpose of making the various show participants easier to understand in writing. Enjoy!


–  Ben and Jared are very tired from the past week

– CitizenCon Hype! CIG is very excited and has worked very hard this past week

– “Citizens. No Cons!”

–  Jared is a man with many jobs at CIG

– Toast brought a gift from whiskey Omega a form of drink from Norway

–  Stacy has joined! She’s the facility manager at Santa Monica

–  She’s responsible for the terrible autographs says Lando on the coaster

–  Stacy got back from Trinidad, Food was amazing and needed to roll onto the plane to get back

– Jared is a wussy when it comes to spicy foods

– Stacy is headed to the headquarters IE new office to make sure everything’s running smoothly

– New office is about 2.6 miles away

– The day for Stacy tomorrow involves getting together a lot of yummy snacks.

– New office pictures soon!

– Stacy has been with CIG since July

– Jared got Smoreos from citizens and handed them out like a gentlemen and everyone at the office was happy and Jared’s diet is now ruined

– Justin joined briefly and has pink pants!

– Jared has remembered Irn Bru is from Scotland!

– Jared will try the drinks at the end of the show

– Justin’s very busy with video editing, anyone who can edit is being called upon to edit everything

– CIG is tired but they’re very happy to be doing what they’re doing, It’s all about the fans and getting it out to them to show what they’ve been working on

– Chris Roberts loves adding in extra stuff last minute

– “Chris is always right” Jared reinforces with a fist slam

– Alexis is here

– Tomorrow there will be new squadron 42 shirts, patches, travel mugs

– Jeremiah Lee is here!

–  Jeremiah challenges Jared if he’s a real citizen of Star Citizen and demands $10 from Jared

Jeremiah has been working on character helmet art lately

– Ben bought a ton of Star Wars figures and Alexis teases him

– Stream is back! Unfortunately there is a limited amount of bandwidth because of so many assets being sent to Foundry 42 for Citizen Con

– Jared thanks Randy Vasquez for the Caterpillar segment. Everyone agrees


 – Question time

– [Question News on the new CCU System? Pre or post CitCon?] During Citizen Con

– They won’t talk about the presentation, that’s the point of the presentation

– [Question Limited onsite sale?] No they will not be doing that, anything sold will be available to anyone

– There will be a new ship announced at CitizenCon but have to wait till tomorrow to find out

– “Spectrum Rolliosum”

– [Question Will the new CCU system be for only flyable ships] It will be for anything that is on sale. Regardless of it’s flight status

– Subscriber flair will come out today but it will not appear today, it will appear next patch same with the squadron 42 trophy flair

– [Question Why did PTU 1.2.1 come out?] It became 1.3 because they merged everything and wanted to have it all together rather than 1.3 being the big one

[Question Will the new squadron 42 shirts be available for along time?] Yes hopefully, It depends on how fast they sell. It still is first come first serve basis but if they get enough interest they will get more

– “Dance of the shirts!”

– Jared is telling Erris to make less coasters

– All of them want Dancing Ben coasters!

– [Question How easy do the Star Citizen tattoos come off?] Fairly easy, they’re safe to put on but require some scrubbing to get it off

– [Question What is in 1.3?] It’s the “one patch to rule them all” as Ben says; but seriously it’s a groundwork patch with all the framework for the future

They will be adding some additional weapons in the patch as well

– [Question What size are the vents on the Endeavor] Big,

– Ben elaborates they would like some sort of alien event on a ship

– [Question Can we see Jared wearing Ben’s glasses] They swap… Jared is tripping out

– [Question Can we see Ben and Jared quack like ducks?] Quack… that is all… Ben says this is the worst RTV to date and laughs

-[Question Is there a limited quantity sale tomorrow?] While there will be a “Bigger Package” on sale for 48 hours the rest of the sale times for be available for the standard “Week and a few days”

– Jared reminds fans to spend within their means

– [Question Can you perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet] Jared quotes then fails miserably

– Sneak peek from the last two weeks have been lighting improvements from someone Jared can’t remember, it was someone that did it themselves and they hired him because they liked it so much

– Henry Switzer, Jared remembers his name now

– Matt Sherman and Randy Vasquez arrive

– Matt is working is working on components, Aurora set up, working on 300 series

– Matt is psyched for Citizen Con

– Randy is working on some salvage stuff, working on concept stuff and how it works with the Caterpillar

– Randy will be on a plane and won’t get to see CitizenCon

– Stream died YET AGAIN! Clearly more assets on their way to Citizen Con Standby ...

Chat goes crazy YET AGAIN!

And they’re back YET  AGAIN!

– Jared explains the reason but they’ll keep going. Ben says Time Warner sucks!

– We need to see their happy smiling faces!

– There are plans for a prison module for the Caterpillar

– Caterpillar will be launching with a subset of modules not all the modules

– They are deciding what to launch with and what to leave for us to discover in game

– [Question about Community Manager position] They can have more than one community manager.

– Jared likes that it’s not about job descriptions. If you can do it, you do it. Everyone contributes

– Toast reappears.

– Jared distributes Irn Bru (from Scotland)

– Toast is trying the Irn Bru from Whisky Omega. He can’t decide what it tastes like

– [Question Will the connie be hangar ready for 1.3?] No it will not be. It’s because whatever is ready for the patch goes in.

– [Question news about the lego hornet?] No news

– [Question can the caterpillar be larger or become smaller like a train?] Right now they do not Intend to do that

– [Question How far are the prowler and herald] Prowler not far right now. Herald is in the works, There are a couple screenshots of the interior from last weeks ATV

– Lisas last day was yesterday, She’s headed to sony and CIG wishes her the best.

– [Question plans to transform the caterpillar into a butterfly?] *Randy laughs* No

– Salvage ship and reclaimer are two different ships

– [Question more information on science?] Tony will answer 5 questions on the Endeavor Q&A later today

– [Question who will be doing ship shape?] Shipshape will change and wont the same but still exists

– [Question any news on the baby pu?] Tomorrow will be a good guess for getting that answered

– [Question what was up with the fubbed up empire report?] they had filled all the 30 of them 6 months ago so they’re literally running out till they record more so they simply did it as if you’re flipping channels but it’s more because of the events from the past week with the vanduul and the events on empire report wouldn’t coinside with the current events

– New format for shipshape is getting segments from the UK

– [Question Size 4 guns?] They have a new size 4 gun coming out soon, Super hornet and cutlass will be able to mount that size 4 gun. They will flesh out more over time and want to make sure this gun works good first.

– [Questions last minute citizen con tickets?] No

– [Questions when will we see another wonderful world of star citizen] All depends on when jared gets enough content for it

– [Question what is this months subflair?] Find out later today

– [Question will we be able to fly single seater ships in the PU?] Yes you will be able to

– [Question how does the man launcher work in the caterpillar?] You’ll lay down inside it and hit a button to eject you and then use your EVA thrusters to slow yourself

– [Question will there be atmopsheric shields for when doors open?] It will be a case by case basis, on a larger ship like a bengal sure but not on a smaller ship like the constellation

– [Question can you catapult people into a star] If you really want to yes

–  Justin is back with his fancy pants!

– [Question updates on avenger and cutlass?] No updates right now, when there he Jared will have it

– [Question is there a price for an unknown ship at Citizencon?] Right now no but the new ship will have LTI and the other older ships being brought back will have 3 year insurance

– The Size 4 gun will not be only for the super hornet or cutlass it will be availble in the rec store in the future, you just have to have the size 4 mount and have it available for those ships

– Ben got distracted by a bug as he was saying important stuff

– There may be delays tomorrow, do not be shocked if there is for citizencon

– They’re drinking the pop now,

– The result is… an interesting taste from justin… A circus from ben.. Drinking candy says jared. Orange citrus cotton candy

– That’s all for this episode of reverse the verse!

– Stay turned tomorrow for Citizencon on the offical Star citizen channel NOT the cigcommunity channel

– Ben says pepsi blue tastes like paint.


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