Oct 19

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 35! Disco Lando Edition!

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Hello Citizens!

This week, on INNside the ‘Verse, Episode 35…

ITUNES!                       STITCHER!

Disco Lando!

And a lot of him!

Really, Jared ‘Disco Lando’ Huckaby shows up this week, chats with myself, Wolf Larsen, Nehkara, and CCT for a while, and then CCT whisks him off to do a separate interview, while Wolf, Nehkara and I finish up. That interview, another 80 minutes of Disco Lando goodness, will go up tomorrow!

Also, I will apologize. I was HEAVILY hungover during the recording of this. Barely alive. Still not sure I am alive. It was bad. You’ll hear it.

But that’s beside the point!

It’s a good cast this week, Disco is hilarious, so enjoy!

As always, all editing and dealing with drunk David was done by Mr. White, whose lugubriousness knows no bounds.


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  1. Saoldian

    First! (Sorry)

    Great show guys…and you too Erris!

  2. Wolf Larsen

    Discoooooo Landoooooo!

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