Oct 3

Endeavour Rundown by Byronyk

Hello Citizens!

It’s time for another of Byronyk’s excellent videos!

This time, Byronyk runs down the Endeavour sale, discussing the nature of the ship, how customizable it is, all the modules, etc…

Byronyk also covers the pricing options and ways to purchase, as well as how the grid system works.

As always, look through Byronyk’s YouTube for some of his other awesome videos, and if you want to look more into the Endeavour, check out the various pages over at RSI!

Science Design Doc

Endeavour Sale Doc

Endeavour Q&A 1

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  1. swiftdraw

    I think it was said the reason the Olympic-class has two modules is the bio-dorms physical block everything but the hangar bay. Why they didn’t add a hangar bay is beyond me, but I intend to do just that. Park the Endeavor in orbit and allow my org’s Reliants, Hull A’s (I think it’ll fit extended), and Cutlasses to haul the produce away for sale to start a good early credit flow. Once we have enough credits to support long range scavenging and mining ops, she’s going into an explorer config with the telescope to mark area’s for our DUR and Aquila to scout and hopefully find something for our Orion and Reclaimer to do. After those operations get going, she’s going to bounce between explorer mode and a hospital ship to support our ops in rougher systems.

    This is, of course, subject to change depending how different aspects of the game pan out.

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