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Development Update – SCA 2.0 + SM – October 16

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check out this update on the development of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 and Star Marine!

Development Update

The upshot of this update is that all of CIG is pushing hard to get the Baby PU/Star Citizen Alpha 2.0/The Exoverse out to backers so that we can frolic!

Some of the aspects of Star Marine have been briefly shifted onto the backburner while the push is on to get SCA 2.0 out, but a lot of aspects of FPS mechanics are required for Baby PU so other aspects are being worked hard on.

There are a fair number of blockers at the moment but it seems that CIG is working their buns off to crunch and get us into Star Citizens “test kitchen”.

Check out the link above for the full update or check below for the list of current blockers:

Blocking Issues

  • Mainly the network and multiplayer issues are holding us back on a functionality side.
  • Then it’s sum of the work that’s needed to get it ready for release because we have lots of bug fixing and polish to do including performance improvements.
  • AI do not spawn into encounters, as their triggers aren’t playing correctly! Players can fly to the locations to trigger events but no AI will spawn in. Thankfully they trigger in Missions.
  • The interior physics grid for single seater ships has a bug meaning that you can’t walk around them during flight and will fall to the back of the ship. Fun, but impractical!
  • The No Weapon animation set is not done yet, and not ready to ship. Should be in better shape next week as the team in Austin continues work on it.
  • EVA flight is difficult so needs fine tuning to be able to handle the character better, engineers will look into this next week.
  • EVA look and aim poses need to be created and implemented for the use of weapons.
  • Pistol motion sets need integration, this will be done next week.
  • The prone motion set is now a problem, as we have changed the way we do standing and alerted aim poses. This will change how players aim while prone, whether they be prone forward, or rolled on to the back. Needs some R&D love next week.
  • Issues with some ship and environment terminal UI not working properly

ALSO!  Check out the full update for a pair of cool videos from the Exoverse!

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