Oct 26

Combat Landings

The Legacy Instructional Series team over at Legacy Gaming is back!

This is a quick video on performing combat landings – without using the IFCS landings system – in Arena Commander. Combat landings are expeditious landings that trade the slow, smooth, deliberate movement of normal landings for the ability to get in and out of a landing zone quickly – whether the objective in doing so is to avoid enemy fire, insert ground forces, or quickly board an escaping ship.


The folks at the LIS also created a “TL;DR” version that shows the bare bones of what you need to know to perform combat landings in less than a minute:

Finally, if you are a digital strafe user who keeps crashing into the landing pad and just needs help with making soft landings, you can use these same techniques for normal, non-combat landings as well! Here’s a video explaining how:

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  1. Saoldian

    Good stuff! Thanks!

  2. Dirtbag

    Nice -that will come in handy in the PU

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