Oct 30

Citizen Academy presents – The Road to One Million Citizens

Hello Citizens!  In this video, Citizen Academy explores the long journey for CIG getting one million sign ups for Star Citizen.

In this video you will be taken on a three year journey in which Citizen Academy explores the developmental events of Star Citizen and correlate those events to the growth of the Citizen population up to the one million population mark.  Furthermore, analysis is done to determine which events spark big raises in sign ups, and which generate just a few.

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  1. heremus

    Pretty impressive and cool to see what when happened. Never thought I could watch a video about countnumbers for 24 minutes.

    But you could have distortions due to press releases and the time to outreach to people. The average person has to know the projekt first what is not assumeable. So may there are big releases like CitCon and it gets a Gaming Article in the press one week later. Some people get interested and go to the website maybe then some small events could trigger people to join. Buts thats just hypothetical. It would be cool to have a statististical evaluation too see what are the actual reasons people join our club.

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