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BugSmashers – Episode 12

This post is a transcription of BugSmashers – Episode 12, material that is the intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and it’s subsidiaries. INN is a Star Citizen fansite and is not officially affiliated with CIG but we reprint their materials with permission as a service to the community. Enjoy!



When the buggy dies, the wheels detach from the buggy in a strange way and it looks hilarious.


– Mark is thoroughly enjoying replicating the bug over and over due to its ridiculousness.

– When a vehicle dies it turns into a debris item and it takes the geometry with it. However, the debris isn’t converting the wheels or suspension with it, leaving only an invisible frame with visible wheels and suspension!

– So mark is on the hunt to fix the strange bug!

– Before mark began the fix he did some reformatting on the vehicle part, specifically the geometry of it so that it would allow him to swap the geometry from this particular vehicle part to the damaged part and he needed a way to reset the geometry on the vehicle part so that it would have nothing there and the debris would have something, thus helping mark fix the bug.

– Now Mark has the ability to remove bits from the vehicle and now needs to has to move the one piece to the debris piece.

– There’s a function within the code that gathers all the items and geometries to move it to a new state. This process is not being completed properly because it’s currently taking geometries that are attached to a skeleton. Think of an invisible frame within the vehicle and having everything connected I.e. geometries, the parts of the vehicle. The wheels and suspension however do not have this skeleton, they are simply pieces of geometry that goes into the slots of the skeleton. So mark runs a bit of extra code that allows those free floating pieces to still be considered apart of the skeleton even though they’re still separate.

– So mark takes all the pieces of the geometry from the parts and snaps it into the debris section but makes sure that it’s properly set up to not allow for a conflict by insuring the part ID’s are correct.

– Mark tests the code and it works but when he checks the physics he notices an issue where all the physics for the wheels are in the centre of the vehicle instead of where they actually are

– Have no fear mark has some code prepared for this!

– The issue here is the code is moving the geometry to a particular slot but the physics thinks it at one particular spot and not the other so mark sets it up to where the physics moves to the spot it’s supposed to on the vehicle frame after death.

– Bug is fixed!

– Mark makes a pun *Groans*

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