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Vanguard Variant Q&A Part 2

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for part 2 of the two part Vanguard variant Q&A.

Vanguard Variant Q&A Part 2

Technical Designer Calix Reneau @ CIG Santa Monica answers 12 questions about the Vanguard variants.  You can find our post on Part 1 over here!

Here are my favourite questions from this part of the Q&A:

Just a quick one regarding the Sentinel, the first line states “The conversion features an AR cockpit”. How will this work/be different in comparison to the HUD system we have in place now?

The AR cockpit is a more complex interface, more akin to the tactical stations found on Star Citizen’s capital ships. It’s intended to give the Sentinel a broader view of the battlefield, providing the pilot and crew with enhanced information courtesy of their superior sensor array!

Can I mix-match parts from the BUK’s? (Warden nose guns + Harbinger missile turret?)

Yes, the BUKs are simply collections of parts that can be applied to the different ships. Please note that once the BUK has been ‘broken up’ then the parts will all need to be installed separately as individual components.

My question is how can it dock with other craft? Can other vessels like Constellations, Retaliators, Redeemers etc with an extendable docking collar match up with a Vanguard?

The Vanguard is designed for landing rather than on-orbit rendezvous. As such, it does not have a ring for ship-to-ship docking. (It can still be boarded, or manually exited… but both will involve EVA.)

I must say, the Sentinel’s AR cockpit sounds incredible!  I can’t wait to see what it’s like.


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