Sep 18

Star Marine Status Update – September 18th

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Welcome to this week’s Star Marine Status Update!

Star Marine Status Update

The upshot of this week’s update is that the cleanup post code merge is taking a little longer than they thought but things are still coming together for a release in the not-too-distant future.

They are currently looking to fill in missing assets, and knock down blocker after blocker on the road to a PTU release.  They were able to get some QA playtests done this week.

Gameplay Engineering

Most of the work this week was to cleanup and fix issues with the cover mechanic as well as the the new v7 skeleton rig.  In addition they finished up their work on the Headquarters game mode and handed it off to Designers in the UK.


The majority of the work this week was getting the new weapon rigs ready.


Lobby and in-game loadout screens are ready and although they have some minor outstanding issues that will not hold up a PTU launch.


Finished attaching reloading animations to their sounds.  Implemented a sound for drawing the shotgun.  Working on grenade sound effects.  Will work on dying/injured audio this coming week.

Network Engineering

Austin working on GIM and overall network stability.  Other studios working on Leaderboard and REC implementations for Star Marine.


Working to ensure that ship and handheld weapons from the same manufacturer are consistent in terms of styling.

There isn’t a lot of work left to do on the weapons.  VFX for the laser sniper rifle being worked on.

The new smaller ADS gadget will be started soon.


That about does it for this week’s Star Marine report. I know that this still seems like a lot of work each week, but the absolute truth is that we’re getting these tasks knocked down and are moving ever-closer to our goal of getting the game in your hands. We are still dealing with the aftershocks of the code merge, but everyone on the team agrees that we can see everything coming together. Next week, we’re hoping to have a company-wide play test. The results will be valuable, and almost as importantly we’re eager to share our progress with the rest of CIG. First the whole of Cloud Imperium, then the world!

P.S. We’ll leave you with a fun bug we discovered this week below. Presenting: The STAR MARINE LUNCH TRAY DISPENSER!

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