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Star Marine Status Update – September 4th

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Welcome to this week’s Star Marine Status Update!

Star Marine Status Update

My thoughts on this update are that there is a lot of discussion of closing things out to prepare for launch.  I think Star Marine is coming soon to a PC near you.  I think CIG will be able to nail their “end of September” target.

This week’s update is broken into 6 categories.  So, I have decided to simply address each of the six!

Code Merge

The code merge is going well, if all goes according to plan everyone should be working in the main game development stream by early next week.  This isn’t the end of the road for the merge though, once all the conflicts are resolved in merging the code, CIG then has to create a stable build from the new merged stream in order to release a new update.  This could take until the 3rd week of September or so.


The UI summit is over.  Key members of the UI team were in Manchester, UK to lockdown the look, feel, and functionality of UI across the game including working to make sure everything is unified and works together.


Spent most of the week fixing crashes related to the code merge.  However, they can now successfully connect to an internal server again.

Working on fixing bugs and getting Star Marine ready for launch.  Deciding what features would be good to focus on for the next major rollout after the initial launch.

Improvements to the cover system.


Arclight finished.

Working on cleaning up the art for the LH86 pistol.

Most weapons now complete.

New gadget model for the Area Denial System.  Previous one was too large so the model for that will be repurposed for another use in the future.


Cleaning up animations, motion capture data, and fixing bugs.

They have a list of animations that need to be cleaned up or created in order to launch Star Marine.  It’s a fairly long list to burn down but they have a plan to get it all done.


Working on weapon reload sounds.

Music for Star Marine being composed and recorded.

But, for me, the biggest thing week in audio is this INCREDIBLE look at the environmental audio work that has been done for firearms:

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