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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 61

Hello fellow Citizens!  Welcome to INN’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 61!

Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes by Erris and Myself

Notes in bold are important.  Notes in italics are our own thoughts.

– Image up on the stream ‘ A one-eyed accountant flashing ‘East Side’ while listening to an abacus’

– NOT coming soon.

– Soon tm

– Disco has appeared!

– Joining him is Alyssa, Thomas Hennessey, Justin Chambers

– Broadcasting from Jared’s desk today, rather than the normal room, because no Ben or James or… yeah. No Ben or James or Sandi, as Ben and James are off to DragonCon.

– Disco thinks is face is ‘too big’

– Apparently Ben gave everyone ‘the plague’. They’ve all been sick.

– ‘Ben is like that monkey in outbreak’

– Alyssa’s getting some new images of the Vanguard from Gurmukh, another one coming today maybe.

– CS guys are INCREDIBLY swamped. Lots of people are helping them with it, but they’re VERY swamped, so give them time. They’re working on it.

– SC is still in development, and most games in development dont’ normally have to have CS staff. They’re doing what they can, but they’re still ramping up that aspect.

– Ben’s been doing CS tickets too. And so has Alyssa. Everyone’s pitching in to try to get through the backlog.

– Cover your ears at 5 minutes. Alyssa just swore.

– Alyssa seems to be wearing some kind of ram hat.

– Monday’s a holiday, so Justin Chambers has been doing a ton of video editing.

– Apparently Cherie was crawling on the floor in the editing booth

– The desk they normally do RtV on has become Cherie’s desk. She can now work this week. But with the ability to work, she’s now at Lando’s desk, not working : D

– [Alyssa what’s your best swear?] She can’t say it, obviously, but it’s normally reserved for when people cut her off in traffic.

– They’ll get to questions in a few minutes, but Cherie’s appeared now, she’s in the back.

– CIG use Adobe suite.

– Justin uses Premier, and they all have the latest Adobe Creative Cloud, so they can all hand things back and forth.

– [Least favourite LA freeway?] The 405. Disco and Alyssa say the 405. Hennessy says the 10?I don’t know what these are, I’m sorry, I’m trying.

Apparently they refer to all their freeways as ‘the’ 10, ‘the’ 405. They think they’re alone in that. Come take ‘the’ QEW to ‘the’ 401. We do it too here in ‘the’ Canada, CIG.

– They’re not talking about ‘the game’ yet because the first 15 minutes is just them goofing around.

– They do shows on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday’s show is a chance to kick back and relax and meet people. Community Interaction!

– Ben is on an airplane to DragonCon right now. He’s got a panel Saturday Night. INN will be covering it, as much as we can.

– James is on his way to Las Vegas (Lost Wages?)

– Last night Ben and Disco waited in line with a giant Chewbacca to buy star wars toys at a Toys R Us.

– Hennessy has some ‘week in review’ – a lot of effort and work went into making the ‘behind the social module’ peice that came out earlier.

– Might try to do more like that, but it takes a lot of work.

– Disco had nothing to do with it, but the highest compliment he knows how to give is ‘I wish I had something to do with it’

– Ben’s the pun guy, Disco doesn’t do puns.

– Remember, if you’re asking a question on the stream ever, preface it with [QUESTION]

– [What’s your favourite ship to fly?] Disco’s partial to the Super Hornet.

[Vanguard commercial?] None in the immediate future. Next is hopefully the Retaliator, there’s a script, but it’s been pushed back until next year because people are working on SQ42. They’re looking at doing trailers, but no commercials.

– Commercials were a ‘test bed’ so that the animators could learn the tools

[What are the tradeoffs of the Vanguard variants, why buy just a Warden?] Playstyle preference. If you buy a warden, it’s a pretty versatile ship. If you want to upgrade it later to have a more specific function, that’s up to you.

– Alyssa really likes the Sentinel

– Generally speaking, according to Disco, the base model is your ‘general practictioner’ like Doctors. Version you go to for the biggest variety of purposes. Variants are more specialized.

– ‘Harbinger is a pediatrist’ says Disco Lando, on Reverse the ‘Verse (it’s an analogy)

– Alyssa ‘I think the Orion might be a proctologist’

– ‘All medicine is witchcraft’ Disco Lando – RtV

– What’s the story on the missile hardpoint differences? Check out the Q&A, should be in the second part. Questions have been picked for that, and they’re with the people that they need to get the answers. Second part of the Q&A goes up later today.

BUK’s have LTI – for the Harbinger and the Sentinel. The Warden’s BUK does not.

Sneak Peek – Started a process where they were going to show fashions from the Terra ‘white collar’ line. They got derailed with the Vanguard and the Social module, but they’re back to showing the white collar fashions. Designed by Megan Cheever

– [Will you ban accounts on the PTU for griefing pointless killing?] Possibly. Probably not on the PTU, designed to determine that kind of behaviour. It’d be on a case-by-case basis anyway.

– [Plans for keeping people from running around town in their underwear?] Who cares? It’s underwear. If you want to, you can. Alyssa’s not the final say in it, it’s handled by the Austin team, but really, who cares.

– Hennessy thinks we’re all very smart, all the glitches and things we’ve found.

[Adjustments to Retaliator as it becomes flight ready?] Yes. Nothing at all is final yet. Lisa just showed up – UK is working on the Tali. It’s being reworked to make it more space efficient in the interior. Lisa hasn’t seen it lately, but yes, that’s a goal. Also working on making it more modular.

[Reliant trajectory?] Work on whiteboxes is being done. After that, goes to graybox, then materials (making it more than shapes, make it pretty), then tech setup. Still has a while, but it’s being worked on.

– They have some variants for the Reliant, but we’re not allowed to know yet.

Some people were out of office, so no Avenger on AtV this week, but it WILL be next week. Avenger on Ship Shape next week confirmed.

[Herald flight or hangar ready?] Yes. It will be. It’s being worked on right now.

Question from Alyssa – Do we like and appreciate the new production updates on the ships? The little tags that show where it is in the schedule? Do we like it? Do they need to change / explain anything? Give her thoughts.

Next weeks AtV there’s some talk about stuff. Disco does the interview next week, talking with Benoit from Behaviour.Oh wow… Disco butchers his name.

– Matt Sherman and Calix Reneau have just arrived.

– Community Hub – how it’s going to be rolled out. We just lost audio while Disco tries to do something fancy. Showing off the Community hub.

– Sneak Peek of the hub right now. I can’t make out what’s on it, my stream is in low quality.

When it launches, there’ll be a menu option under ‘community’ for the hub. First area is ‘Citizen Spotlight’ which starts with staff picks. The best one that get submitted, first page’ll be staff picks. Can see everything else by hitting ‘view all’.

You’ll have the option to ‘upvote’ stuff. Can see what’s hot and popular.

Starting rolling it out on Tuesday. For the PTU rollout, there was a PTU first wave and PTU second wave. They’re going to use that. People who were in first wave of PTU invites will get the first wave of Community Hub invites.

Another page has Twitch streamers, you can register your stream, and when you’re live, it’ll be shown then.

RSI chat will be integrated at a later point as well.

There’ll also be a page for podcasts.

‘Deep Space Radar’ is their version of Reddit. Post articles / websites / INN stuff about Star Citizen there.Yes, they said INN.

INN’s article for the current release plans for Star Citizen is already on the Deep Space Radar

– Also will be able to find MVP’s and such.

– Disco apparently gets a LOT of PM’s and notifications on the forums.

Community Hub also has a place for videos and images.

Issue Council is separate from the community hub. Could go live any day.

– Today it’s ‘hat citizen’. Lisa’s now wearing Alyssa’s Ram hat.

[Retractable blast shields for Vanguards?] Only on the Harbinger. It’s one of the modular elements that can be swapped around.

You could buy a Warden, buy the BUK for the Harbinger, and could just attach the blast shields.

Vanguard info comes with a slight caveat – Matt Sherman is no longer driving the Vanguard, it’s going to the UK now, so it might change when it’s there.

[Caterpillar?] Randy (who worked on the Starliner) is working on it, but nothing new. Lisa might want to cover it on ship shape at some point in the next few weeks.

– Randy is very serious about the Caterpillar, he’s excitied about it.

– They’ve been pouring through the ‘super thread’ for the Caterpillar to educate themselves. You might not GET it, but they’re in the know about what people want.

A lot of times when people ask why ships aren’t making progress, lots of the time you need to match the ship with a designer. Not everyone can design any ship.

[Connie?] Still have Chris and Josh working on it, they haven’t stopped since Gamescom.

– [BMM] Not much movement lately, but there’s been more talk about who they want to give it to next. Hopefully someone’ll do some polish on it soon. Just conversations right now, nothing scheduled.

– Prioritization. There’s no game mode right now that’d benefit from the BMM, they’re building things that are needed for the game right now. They don’t hate the BMM, it’s just not the most important right now.

– Mustang Delta won’t get Missiles.

Cutlass is being worked on still, no more info yet though. It’s not just languishing doing nothing, it’s being worked on. And the Cutlass is important for SQ42, so it’s not forgotten.

Matt Sherman – There was an issue when Social module rolled out that some changes from 1.1.5 didn’t get merged in correctly. TTK is back to where they aren’t happy with it. Some of the fixes from 1.1.5 brought it to where they were happy with it, and they’ll be bringing it back as soon as they can.

They have to go back individually through all the submissions. It’s not a question of ‘did it change’, cause it did, it’s a question of ‘is this the change that we needed?’

Check Reddit – the Dev team did an AMA. Embedded in that is a chart about all the changes that had to be resynched.

– [Lando why’s your beard amazing and do you use beard oil?] Doesn’t use anything. Shampoo and conditioner. No beard oil, no nothing. It’s all natural.

– One day lando’ll wake up and just not have a beard.

– Calix likes having a beard cause he could just change his appearance and disappear any day.

– Disco’s looking at himself for the first time in a while right now.

300 series – Zane is in the UK working on UI and stuff. Every HUD will probably change at least a bit. Other HUDs, like the 300 series, are likely to change more.

– The HUDs they are a-changin’

The Origin HUD isn’t in game yet. Only HUDs in right now are the Merlin, the Aurora, and the Scythe. Everything else’s placeholder.

[Freelancer?] it’s been passed to the UK. Handed to them recently. Lisa’s not sure how it’s going, but she’ll look in on it soon, see if there’s a ship shape to be done.

– Starliner isn’t coming particularly soon.

– Lisa doesn’t know about the rework for the interior of the 300 series either.

– There are still some exceptions to ‘a manufacturer to each studio’, but for the most part that’s happening.

– UK has MISC and Aegis

– Sandi just appeared

There’s a DragonCon freefly as well that’ll be happening. It’s live right now

[Friends in social?] Yes. Soon. Social will be iterating.

– [Control work Calix has done?] A while ago, flight controls was one of his tasks. Got stomped by other priorities for Gamescom. As other systems are getting set up, he’s been shuffled around, but flight control is still one of his tasks. It’s not the highest priority, but that will happen soon, and he’s still doing prototypes on the side.

[890 JUMP?] Tentatively slated for the LA office to start working on it after New Years.

– [Cargolympics?] Almost certainly. It’s in the same place as Flight Control right now.

– [Lando beards a character option?] Possibly.

– [Herald flyable?] Lisa doesn’t know when we’ll get ships. They get handed to Marketing, that’s their job.

– It’s had some great progress though. ‘It’s a beautiful ugly ship’

– Disco wants to strip stuff out of it, turn it into a drag racer.

[Starfarer?] It is in SQ42. People are actively working on it in the UK. It’s further than something like the BMM because it’s necessary for SQ42.

[Mustang Delta Shields Fix?] Like Matt Sherman said about TTK – some changes from 1.1.5 didn’t carry into 1.2.0, fixes will happen as soon as possible.

– [Will Bendance be an emote in social?] Working on it. Eventually they’ll have their own motion capture, as long as they can convince Ben to do it… it’s been talked about already.

– Disco’s now wearing the ram horns. Looks like the Skyrim guy, but more manly.


[Vanguard turrets retractable?] Not sure if there’s space for that anymore. If there’s space, yes. If not, no.

Everything changes once the ship gets built out in CryEngine.

Sometimes they think something’s a certain way, then model it, and it changes. The only constant is change.

[When will CIG Santa Monica to the new office?] They’re not sure. Probably late October. Big holdup right now is security for when they start moving things in. Don’t want anything to get stolen in that process.

[More weapons coming out?] Getting new weapons out is a thing they need to do. Looking at S1-S4 for a lot of the current weapon types, to fill out ranges. No specifics yet, but it’s something they want to get us more choices soon.

[ArcCorp area 18 map for gameplay in Star Marine?] Up to Austin. Would be cool though.

[Thought about stages of ships such as outside only / grayboxed versions?] Lisa ran that up the chain. For some of the next hangar ready ships, might try to release them early so they can be seen as ‘very far along’ graybox, and continue working on them from there. Probably not the next ship, but some of the next ones might do that.

Tech setup to put things in hangar is difficult though, have to evaluate if it’s worth doing that, also low stage models don’t have LODs, so if it destroys performance, it’s not worth it.

The Vanguard has no latent EWAR, need the Sentinel for that.

– And that’s it for RtV!

– Thanks go out to subscribers. They couldn’t do these shows without you.

– ‘Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you so much guys’

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  1. Paldren

    How hard is it to get these Q’s about the vanguard answered?

    1. The Harbinger is shown as having 2 additional pylon mounts over the Warden and the Sentinel is shown to have +1 missile sizes over the Warden. Are these hull unique features that are bonus to what BUKs add, or do BUKs remove these advantages when applied?

    2. Is the AR Cockpit a Sentinel hull unique feature or is it part of the Sentinel BUK?

    3. Can you mix and match items from within the BUKs or are they all or nothing?

    These are REALLY important questions that need to be answered.

  2. Raytheon

    To answer 1…

    – Will using one of these [BUKs] actually change the hard points of the ship? Turn it from a full fledged Warden into a full fledged Harbinger?

    Yes, the kits give you the same statistics as the other ship, replacing parts where needed. (The most significant example of this is the Harbinger kit, which adds internal torpedo hardpoints by swapping the entire escape pod.) The only difference with the base ship will be the appearance: you’ll see the upgraded equipment, but stylistic changes that don’t impact specifications will not alter (ie, your ship won’t change color or overall shape.)

    So… yes. The Harbinger must construct additional pylons.

    To answer 2 and 3…

    – [Retractable blast shields for Vanguards?] Only on the Harbinger. It’s one of the modular elements that can be swapped around.

    – You could buy a Warden, buy the BUK for the Harbinger, and could just attach the blast shields.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Sharpspoonful

    Heh, in the US, most states refer to the freeways by their full names, i.e. interstate 5, or I-15. But in California, especially southern California, we tend to refer to these highway a lot more informally, just saying the numbers.

  4. WonkoTheSane

    The “Ram hat” is part of a “Tim the Enchanter” costume from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

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