Sep 16

MISC Endeavour – New Video from Byronyk

Hello Citizens!

We’re pleased to show off another Byronyk video today! Click past the link to check it out!

This video is an update on a previous video Byronyk did, focusing on my personal most-anticipated ship, the Endeavour. As all of Byronyks videos, it’s well worth watching, so give it a look!

Personally, I really can’t wait for the Endeavour. It seems like a massive ship, and it sounds like it will add a lot of incredibly interesting, and incredibly important, gameplay to Star Citizen. I’m also really looking forward to the discussion about how Science will work that will come with the Endeavour when its concept sale is released.

Basically, just a lot of hype about this ship, and I’m really glad Byronyk’s done a video abou it!

From the youtube video:

Star Citizen Endeavor guide update. Star Citizen gameplay, MISC endeavor update, social module gameplay.

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So check it out!

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