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MISC Endeavor Research Platform

Citizens!  At long last the time has come – the unveiling of the MISC Endeavor Research Platform!

Research Unbound : the MISC Endeavor

CIG has shown us the Endeavor!  I absolutely love this ship not only for its elegant design but also for the enormous gameplay potential present.  The Endeavor’s extremely modular nature lends itself to being used for a wide variety of purposes – mobile hospital, deep space exploration, astronomy/discovery, farming, drug lab, etc.


The MISC Endeavor has three distinct pieces to it:

– The Explorer: Detachable front section serves both as command unit for the Endeavor and, when separated, an exploration vessel.  Does not have jump capability.

– The Workshop: This is where the action happens.  This section features 6 attachment points for pods/modules to be added to the Endeavor, 3 on each side.  This extremely modular nature allows the Endeavor to fill many roles.

– Drive Unit: Provides power and jump capability to the Endeavor.


The pods/modules currently offered are:

– Biodome: Farming in space!  This module you allows the Endeavor to grow crops.

– Telescope Array: Tranforms the Endeavor into a mobile observatory.

– Supercollider: Allows the tweaking and overclocking of components.

– Service Equipment and Crew Pod: Additional crew facilities.

– General Research Pod: Experimentation!

– General Science Pod: Science data analysis.

– Fuel Pod: Increases the range of the Endeavor.

– Medical Bay: A full-fledged hospital, can act as mobile respawn location.  Often paired with landing bay.

– Landing Bay: Designed to support multiple Cutlass Red ambulances alongside the Medical Bay; however, the landing bay can function alongside science modules as well and host any ship small enough to utilize it.


The Endeavor is being offered in five arrangements:

– Base model:  No pods, just the ship.

– Discovery-class:  Science ship.  Research pod, science pod, crew pod.

– Hope-class:  Hospital ship.  Medical Bay and Landing Bay.

– Olympic-class:  Agriculture ship.  Pair of biodome pod sets.

– Master set:  Versatility.  One of each of the modules.


Design – The Endeavor

Yet another intriguing design post from Tony Zurovec!  I can’t wait to see a more in-depth piece from Tony about exploration in the future.

Here is a quick summary of the design post:

ID Beacon

Describes how players can display information to another player- for example offering services for a specific price or requesting services for a specific price.

The Medical Module

The Endeavor’s medical bay can be used as mobile respawn point and to treat illness and injury.

The Organics Module

Grow plants/crops on board your Endeavor.  Different plants will have different requirements in terms of temperature, radiation exposure, soil, fertilizer, and moisture.

The Discovery Module

Utilize a 16 meter telescope to search for valuable points of interest such as rich asteroid fields, derelicts, comets, black holes, etc.


Expect additional modules to be added in the future, providing further gameplay paths for Endeavor owners.


Album of Endeavor Images

MISC Endeavor Research Platform

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  1. Galeras

    INNers, I need help. Exploration is my primary goal. I currently have a Starfarer Gemini that I was going to fit as an exploration ship. I liked the idea of a big space-cow explorer that never needed to stop for fuel. After the Endeavour release, I’m liking the idea of a ship that can be fitted for exploration and income simultaneously. Thoughts?

    • Dolvak

      Get your butt a BMM. Long range and pretty big and can do some cargo hauling as well.

    • Seijin

      Really, Galeros, I like your idea. Nothing will have the range of a Starfarer, so anything you gain with the Endeavor, you will have lost the unlimited range.

      I say that as an Endeavor and Carrack owner, so I may be jealous of the one capability I don’t have (limitless fuel).

      If the Gemini can be fitted with decent explorer gear, I think you’re on the right path already.

  2. Foible

    Of course, perhaps an Endeavor with a Gemini in tow would also work well.

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