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INNside the ‘Verse Episode 33: Kate Russell Edition!

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Hello Citizens!

Welcome to another episode of INNside the ‘Verse! Episode 33 this time!

ITUNES!                       STITCHER!

This week on the show we were graced by the presence of Kate Russell, a freelance technology reporter from the BBC! Kate wrote an Elite: Dangerous novel, and here’s hoping we can convince her to write a Star Citizen one too someday!

Also joining us for the first time today is INN’s Director of Fiction, Stormy Winters!

We’ve also got Nehkara, CCT, and myself on the cast. It’s a long one, packed with fun things and information!

We start with our intro, as silly as ever (or maybe it’s sillier? Or maybe it’s less silly? Let me know!).

1:50 – Kate Russell Interview – How Kate got into tech, console wars, MMO’s, a little about Elite: Dangerous, a lot about Star Citizen, it’s good!

26:50 – News with Nehkara

37:00 – Housekeeping

41:00 – Outro

Also, as usual, massive thanks to Mr. White, our audio editor, who this week took two hours of our disconnected ramblings and turned them into a much-more-listenable 40 minutes of content. He is INNdispensable.


I’m hilarious.


Also, an important note, to give you all plenty of notice, there will be no podcast the week after CitizenCon (Monday, Oct. 12), as both myself and Mr. White will be in England, getting all the coverage from CitizenCon we conceivably can. We will return the week after, as usual.


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