Sep 7

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 30

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ITUNES!                       STITCHER!

This week on the cast, we thank the Star Citizen community profusely for their tremendous support of our and The Base‘s fundraising campaigns on Friday. Afterwards, we delve right into the latest Monthly Report and Star Marine Status Update. There may also be some hype and speculation about the upcoming Star Marine and Arena Commander 2.0 releases.

1:06 – Fan Spotlight – You guys! Again! Thank you so, so much for your overwhelming support.

8:00 – We talk about Nehkara’s article on Star Citizen’s release plans.

10:29 – Nehkara discusses the latest Star Marine Status Update and how incredibly, tantalizingly close we are to finally playing it.

15:09 – A few members of INN will be given early access to the Community Hub on Tuesday, and we’re all pretty excited!

16:59 – Nehkara is given the challenge of talking about for less than ten minutes; he’s successful, if barely.

26:18 – CCT table-drops a main topic for the podcast: What exactly will Arena Commander 2.0 come with?

33:02 – CCT lays out INN’s schedule for the upcoming week.

Again, thank you thank you thank you for being such an incredibly loving and wonderful community. Our Indiegogo campaign has some stretch goals left, in case you feel like helping tackling those, and we’re also on Patreon! If you think you have what it takes to become an INN contributor, check out our ‘Get Involved‘ page!


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  1. Kaamen

    You guys are awesome. Very informative on the latest and greatest in SC. Keep up the great work!

  2. Paul

    You need a Photoshop Wizard? Hit me up!

  3. Daniel Stapleford

    Please feel free to promote your podcast in our SC fb group, Star Citizen Speakeasy:
    I share it when/if i get around to hearing it but if you’re looking for additional listeners by all means share.

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