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Comm-Link Schedule – Week of September 14th

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for this week’s Comm-Link Schedule for the RSI website.

The highlights of this week’s Comm-Link schedule post are the Star Marine Status Update on Friday, a new issue of Jump Point Friday for Subscribers, and an Avenger Free Fly week.  They need help testing the Avenger to help with its revamp!

Without further ado, here is the entirety of this week’s Comm-Link schedule:

Comm-Link Schedule

Greetings Citizens!

Now this is my favorite week so far! We have new 10 For the Chairman, Meet the Devs, and Around the Verse. We also have the weekly Star Marine status update on Friday and JUMP POINT comes out this Friday! Something else we are excited for is the Avenger Free Fly this week. The Aegis Avenger has had a long and storied life as the standard patrol craft of the UEE Advocacy. Although aging, the Avenger features a sturdy, reliable hull and the capacity for larger-than-expected engine mounts. The ship is a favorite of THE Ben Lesnick! We are working on an Avenger revamp, as last weeks episode of Ship Shape pointed out, test drive the Avenger and help us make it better.

We look forward to sharing another week of progress with you all. Thank you citizens for making Star Citizen so special.

Have a week!

Monday, September 14th
– [1500 PDT / 2200 UTC] 10 for the Chairman: Episode 66

Tuesday, September 15th
– [1300 PDT / 2000 UTC] Meet the Devs: Benoit Beausejour

Wednesday, September 16th
– Vault Update
– Jump Point Rerun

Thursday, September 17th
– [1200 PDT / 1900 UTC] Around the Verse: Episode 61

Friday, September 18th
– [1100 PDT / 1800 UTC] Reverse the Verse: The Community Team’s Weekly Livestream
– FPS Update Week of September 14th
– Free Fly: Avenger
– Jump Point September

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