Aug 28

Vanguard Variant Sale!

Citizens!  The Vanguard Variant sales live!

Vanguard Variant Sale Announcement

The full lineup of Vanguards are now available.  The base Vanguard is now known as the Vanguard Warden.  The new entrants to the lineup are the Vanguard Sentinel, a beautiful and powerful Ewar variant of the classic, and the Vanguard Harbinger, the bringer of death in the form of a rocket turret and the addition of torpedoes to make her a long range Fighter/Bomber.

This concept sale introduces the concept of Battlefield Upgrade Kits.  These kits maintain the outward appearance of your Vanguard but change out the internal equipment to match the respective variant.  Therefore, there are three of these kits:

I have to say that personally my favourite variant is the Harbinger… it just so much firepower in such an already-great ship.  The prospect of a long range fighter/bomber for missions like Operation Pitchfork is very attractive.  I’ll be upgrading my Vanguard to the Harbinger.

The Vanguard Warden comes with 2 years of insurance and is $250 USD.

The Vanguard Sentinel comes with LTI and is $265 USD.

The Vanguard Harbinger comes with LTI and is $280 USD.


Be sure to check out the full sale announcement linked at the top of this page, it has TONS of information and a lot more great images.  In addition there is a great cross-section animation video for the Warden (shown below), demonstrating how some of the parts of the classic version move.

A final note for this post is that everyone should get out there and play Hyper Vanguard Force again!  Click the image below to play! :D

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  1. Mydian13

    I now own two Harbingers and a Sentinel for escort missions. Its a good day to be a Citizen.

  2. Mydian13

    I can’t say this on the official forums because I’ve been perma-banned, but it drives me crazy when people say they don’t want variants (unique hull variants, or as they call them in a derogatory manner; hull locked).

    I’m glad that CIG is not listening to them, and seems to have settled into a customization philosophy of ships that includes three different types of customization beyond the normal components swapping and overclocking of components.

    -LOADOUTS- or, what they have now officially named as Battlefield Upgrade Kits. Also being referred to as BUKs. This is simply taking a base hull like the Hornet F7C or the 300i and giving them the parts to build an F7C-S or a 315P. I’m hoping there will be choice in what parts of a BUK can be applied to a hull, and possibly the ability to mix and match parts from two separate BUKs. I’m also hoping that current loadouts that have been sold as separate variants will be made available such as the DUR variant for the freelancer, which seems to be a series of parts to improve the exploratory role of the Freelancer. If not pre-launch, in the Persistent Universe. There is currently a question about insurance for BUKs and whether LTI can be applied. I’m sure CIG will answer in one of the upcoming Q&As for the Vanguard, since it seems to be a pretty hot question at the moment.

    -MODULES- this is a big hole built into a ship with ports and interfaces that fit a large piece of equipment (a room or something room sized?) that effectively changes the whole role of the ship (Retaliator Dropship Module), or compliments other Modules (Endeavor Science Modules). The community seems to be rather happy with this new form of customization, and it seems to be a very easy method of upgrading, and/or changing out a ships entire role with minimum downtime. Basically “hot-swapping” Modules for specific roles with minimum effort.

    -VARIANTS- these are ships that have had some sort of modification engineered into the base hull of a ship that cannot be changed. Two good examples include the Freelancer MIS which has two external missile launching mechanisms built into the skin of the ship, and the Constellation Phoenix, which has had modifications built into the substructure of the frame to accommodate a Point Defense System usually preserved for sub-capital and capital ships. These modification and their systems cannot be removed from the ship, nor can they be applied to base hulls to be converted to “Unique” hulls. This form of customization is the most controversial to the community.

    I think a large part of the confusion about Variants is the vocabulary. Not every reference to a type of variant is called by its proper name. Especially when referring to Loadouts, which CIG has now officially named Battlefield Upgrade Kits. I’m glad to see that CIG has given us the vocabulary to differentiate, and hopefully avoid some of these common mistakes in communicating with the rest of the community or likes and dislikes with the whole Ship Customization Feature of the game.

    The arguments for and against Variants, or “unique” hulls is an entire post by itself, and I wont get into it now, but would like to give my take on the subject after I’ve gathers all the “For” and “Against” arguments, and can approach it from all sides.. but I think I’m going to save that for another time, and hopefully another official post from CIG. What I will say is that it doesn’t look like CIG isn’t going to be recalling the Phoenix, or the MIS, so there is hope that there may be more Unique Hulls coming. I personally think that can only be a good thing.

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