Aug 17

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 27

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Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 27!

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We have a pretty short episode for you today. This week, we have myself, Commander Cruisin’ Tom, and Nehkara.

All three of us were pretty exhausted  when we recorded this episode, as this was recorded the morning after INN’s super special superthon marathon of awesome (Video coming soon) + Wing Commander with Ben Lesnick.

It was a crazy night, and we talk about it a fair bit in the cast.

That said, here are this week’s topics!

1:40 – Fan Spotlight – The awesome crazies that stuck with us the entire day, throughout the whole stream. You guys are the best.

3:11 – Ben and Wing Commander

9:00 – News with Nehkara!

15:50 – What does CIG have to do to bring more fans to Star Citizen?

As always, thanks to everyone who listens! If you’re interested in supporting us, we have a Patreon! If you want to help out with INN, writing, video, pictures, etc… check out our ‘Get Involved‘ page!

That’s it for us this week!


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  1. Isogen

    Yes! You guys should do a Monthly Movie Night. Maybe have James on and watch something he hasn’t watched?

  2. GulSkarr

    Movie Night is definitely good with me.

    Predator vs Aliens
    Starship Troopers
    Star Wars
    Star Trek (KHAAAAAN!)

  3. Mageoftheyear

    Monthly Movie Night sounds awesome!

    Galaxy Quest is a must.

  4. Damon Czanik

    Bring on the Wing Commander 3 and 4 movies! They’re on YouTube!

    See what “Full Motion Video” promised us. It will give you the best glimpse into the world of Squadron 42.

  5. jirou

    i would like to starship troopers

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