Aug 11

Gamescom Presentation Recordings!

Citizens! Check here for videos of the Gamescom presentation!

Gamescom 2015 presentation videos

Full Presentation on YouTube


Multicrew Gamescom Demo – Press Version


Multicrew Gamescom Demo – Live Version


Social Module Gamescom Demo – Press Version


Social Module Gamescom Demo – Live Version

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  1. Noeve

    Twitch doeth decree that sound shall not be played on this witchcraft!

  2. NinjaMasterGuy

    And the world did weep at the silence of the verse.

  3. tseke

    Does this article contain everything that was revealed in Gamescom? I feel lazy and I don’t want to browse subreddit. Will you do overview of GC content?

    • Erris

      I believe the videos contain everything that was shown at Gamescom. We will likely be doing more thorough overviews of the GC content soon, but they’ll take us a bit more time than just getting the videos up for everyone to see.

      For a good overview, check out today’s Podcast – INNside the ‘Verse Episode 26. It’s almost entirely about Gamescom.

  4. Cyberwolf74

    Don’t you guys record your twitch streams i would love to rewatch your Pre-show!

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