Aug 10

Analysis of the GamesCom Multi-Crew Video – Citizen Academy

Citizens!  It’s time for another Citizen Academy video – this time analyzing the GamesCom Multi-Crew demo.

Analysis of the GamesCom Multi-Crew Video

In this Special Edition video, Citizen Academy performs an analysis of the Multi-Crew video CIG showed at the 2015 GamesCom shown in Germany.  Roughly 3,400 frames of the video were studied, and around 50 freeze frame sections were digitally enhanced to bring out a lot more detail than the original video displayed.  Some interesting things showed up!  There is a little treat for you viewers at the very end of the video as well.


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  1. SeveredinTwain

    The one other reason I could think of besides artificial gravity for the spinning Rings would be if they were simulating a day/night cycle within the Rings, perhaps for habitation or food growing purposes.

  2. Xenocore

    Good breakdown overall, nice work sir. But something i would like to discuss.
    The Retaliator power up process. Hes not pulling out and replacing power units. That would take a bit longer in animation time. hes resetting breakers. Main power breakers are always a pain to move since they cut off all power. also the detail on the handles show what the on position is. Those handholds were turned off.

    Also, the lower tech radar display from the Retaliator is the same radar design from Wing Commander. I was wondering when we were going to see that in game. :-)

  3. Candy

    Rings could be large gyroscopic stabilizer for station keeping and alignment instead of burning fuel. They would have lots of solar collectors for electrical power, but save fuel to sell to travelers.

    They look too cool to leave out just because logic!

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