Aug 28

Design Notes: Electronic Warfare

Citizens!  CIG has dropped another info bomb on us, this time in the form of design notes about Electronic Warfare in Star Citizen!

Design Notes: Electronic Warfare

This is a great design post that continues to flesh out the universe of Star Citizen.  This post focuses on the types of Ewar attacks and the possible defenses against those attacks.

In the design it also goes over in significant detail how scanning will work and why a radar operator will be an extremely useful member of your crew to have!  This includes the details of passive and active scanning and the uses and drawbacks of both options.

Also discussed are the different types of signatures and how they can be minimized, and what the possible drawbacks are for attempting to minimize them.  There are four types of signatures:  IR, EM, cross-section, and Unique Ship Signature.  All can be minimized in some ways although some are quite difficult and/or expensive… and/or illegal.

Yes, also mentioned here is the legality of signature management.  To avoid attracting the ire of the Advocacy, you must maintain minimum signal levels within UEE space for public safety… but of course if they can’t find you…

Some really cool tidbits in this post… Data-Spike Missile, Decoy missiles, and more!  Check out the link above for all the details and for some great images including the Drake Herald!

More design details will be forthcoming in the future, especially in terms of hacking.

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    Cant wait for all these Design Posts and the Deep Dives to all be gathered into a Design Bible.

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