Aug 31

Citizen Academy Presents – The Vanguard Variants

Welcome fellow Citizens to the newest video by Citizen Academy!  This video features the Vanguard variants!

Citizen Academy Presents – The Vanguard Variants

In this Special Edition video, Citizen Academy examines the newly released Vanguard ships: the Warden, Harbinger, and Sentinel.  They are compared side by side, and the differences between them are discussed.  The new Escape Pod system is examined in great detail, as well as many of the finer details of these ships.  Finally all three ships are compared to the Retaliator and Herald in a spreadsheet of data.

Notes from Nehkara:

1. The escape pods for the Vanguards are also designed to mask their escape, thereby making it seem as though the entire ship exploded.

2. The torpedoes on the Retaliator, in addition to being more numerous are also larger… scary large in fact.

3. The Battlefield upgrade kits swap out equipment but do not change the appearance of the ship – so this is what you’re looking for if you want a Harbinger that looks like a Warden.

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  1. Asmayus

    On the one hand, I understand that sleeping next to 3 torpedoes might be a safety concern, but if they were to go off, I’m not convinced there’d be a minimum safe distance anywhere on the ship. I mean, If they were on the wings and got shot up, you’re probably just as dead as you would be if they went off next to you. At least in next to the pod they are shielded from debris and weapon fire.

  2. GR1F1TH

    I thought the Vangaurd only had 2 shields (primary and secondary backup) everything on the site now says 6x size 2 shields??? I REALLY hope people are not buying based off the stat page for this sale.

    • Infidel

      If you’ve been around for any period of time you know that the stats page is always FUBAR, never accurate, and always changing. Anyone who bases a decision on which to buy using the stats page is just asking for disappointment.

      They will change the shape, load out, shields, thrusters, etc. to make the ship run better and comply with all of their standards for ship operations.

      The video review is okay, not very accurate in many aspects as about 50% of it was speculation. Personally I think this is going to be an extremely nice ship when used in packs or in conjunction with other ships. Solo is where I think they will not do great as they are very role specific, but that is also on opinion based on speculation.

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