Aug 12

BugSmashers – Episode 8


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Transcript by Erris


Welcome to another episode of Bugsmashers!

‘Sometimes you gotta break stuff, so you can be the hero who fixes it.’

The Bug!

Bug had to be fixed especially for Gamescom. If the ship rotates or moves while someone climbing into it, the ship moves, but the character entering the ship doesn’t. So the character will be floating in mid-air while the ship floats.

The Why!

A long time ago, before the Hangar, there was some animation stuff getting the initial position of the player when they’re getting into a ship. But it only gets the point once.

The How! (to fix it)

Instead of getting the position once, Mark will ‘attach’ the player to the ship, so that every frame of the animation they stick with the ship.

The First Problem!

The first problem, the character is stuck to the right position, but now can’t move from that position. He sticks with the ship, doing the animation, but not moving from the bottom of the ship.

The How! (Part 2!)

Code happens, telling the character that, if there’s an animation and it wants to move, take the local transformation and move it to where the player wants to go. Player attachment, he starts to move, at this position, you want the player here, so every frame will move the player up, making sure that at the end the player is where they need to be.

Did it work?!

Yes! Bug Smashed!


No questions this week! This episode of Bugsmashers was ‘smashin the week before Gamescom, so there are no questions, as they were crunching.

And that’s it! Bug Smashed! Bugsmasher out!

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