Aug 21

Monthly Report Summary – July


Tl;dr Summary:  CIG continues to optimize the behind the scenes workflow for better efficiency. This sounds like a mishmash of buzzwords, but it’s not; a global machine such as CIG needs all of its cylinders firing in correct timing to move forward at full speed.

Aug 17

Citizen Academy Presents – The New Retaliator Modules

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In this Special Edition video, Citizen Academy takes a look at the new modules introduced for the Retaliator.  Each module is examined in detail, with enhanced images so all the cool details stand out.  Then he ponders about future modules that may be created for the Retaliator.  Finally, a lot of the finer details of […]

Aug 6

Ghost Story – Chapter 1

F7cs_hornet_ghost_flight_visual (1)

Hi INNers, special post today for fiction. We will be featuring the work of David “Duke” Lito today, an exciting multi-part submission. We hope you enjoy chapter 1. If you would like to submit your fiction work for feature please contact either myself at or Erris at