Jul 31

Wonderful World of Star Citizen – Episode 3

Citizens!  At long last the new episode of Wonderful World of Star Citizen is out!  And we’re in it! :D

Wonderful World of Star Citizen


We are thrilled to have been invited to be a part of the Wonderful World of Star Citizen.  Huge thanks to Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby for including us! [Yes, we wrote our own copy…]

Gigantic thanks to Bluir


for building this commercial for INN (with some help from the rest of the gang)!

If you’d like to know what is included in this episode of Wonderful World of Star Citizen, check below for a listing with timestamps:

00:14 – Danger Zone by FiendishFeather [CryEngine Video]

05:22 – Forward Reflections by Matt Fossa [Fan-created Music]

08:11 – Imperial News Network [Video]

09:51 – Advanced Destroyer by Santobell [Fan-created Ship]

12:23 – Lego Reclaimer by Mechabot [Fan-created Lego Ship]

15:04 – Hunter by Adi Nitisor [Fan Fiction/Comic]

17:19 – Fan Art Showcase by years1hundred [Video]

This is a great episode.  I was particularly impressed by FiendishFeather (this is a recurring thing) and by the Lego Reclaimer by Mechabot.

FiendishFeather produces amazing fan videos seemingly every time.  The one featured here is Danger Zone and shows a bunch of pilots on the flight deck of a Bengal Carrier, taking off and landing in their Gladius light fighters.  As an aside, FiendishFeather has outdone himself again with his most recent video which is a showcase of the newly-flyable Kruger Intergalactic P-52 Merlin.

The Lego Reclaimer by Mechabot is a 5 foot by 3 foot monstrosity.  I would absolutely love to build this thing but I suspect I would go bankrupt in the process!  I look forward to seeing more of his Lego ships.

I look forward to seeing the next episode of the Wonderful World of Star Citizen!

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