Jul 22

1.1.5a Update Pushed To PTU

Hello fellow Citizens!  Will Leverett took to the RSI forums to let us know that the PTU has been updated to 1.1.5a including a myriad of fixes!

Among the changes are fantastic new launcher music, and a myriad of ship and balance fixes.

Most unfortunate news here is the Launcher 2.0 will not be ready to be included in the 1.1.5 drop to Live.  Hopefully it will come with 1.1.6!

Below are the changes made in 1.1.5a PTU, as posted by Will Leverett.

1.1.5a Summary of changes

Launcher Updates:

– New music added.
– Music volume lowered.
– Username remembered.

PLEASE NOTE: Launcher 2.0 is currently being tested on PTU, but it will NOT be part of the upcoming 1.1.5 Publish to Live. Players will continue to use the older launcher as we continue to work on features required for a wider release.

Additional 1.1.5 Game Balance and Updates:

– Merlin will now be available to Andromeda owners.
– Reduced drift on the Merlin.
– Updated Merlin thruster effects.
– Increased rotational strength and tightened up lateral strafe on Hornet.
– Increased ballistic damage vs shields.
– Reduced Gatling spin up time; the gun now fires while spooling up.
– Increased Suckerpunch range.
– Reduced energy absorption of armor.
– Increased overheat and cooldown times on Vanduul Scythe lasers.
– Increased boost consumption.
– Tutorial Vanduul now have difficulty suitable for intro tutorial.
– Shield values for Vanduul in Vanduul Swarm have been reduced.

Additional 1.1.5 Fixes:

– Fixed Comstab indicator.
– Fixed an issue where game instances were consumed without spinning the instance up.
– Fixed an issue that was causing clients to get kicked back to hangar due where client connected to a match but never finish the connection process.
– Fixed spectator camera issue of uncontrollable shaking.
– Fixed hangar elevators that were causing crashes.
– Fixed a server crash that was causing large amounts of players to disconnect.
– Fixed issues preventing Tutorial completion.
– Fixed an issue where the Merlin would randomly change direction when boosting.

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