Jul 27

Star Citizen on Twitch Weekly this Friday!

Hello fellow Citizens!  This Friday – July 31st – at 1 PM Pacific time, Star Citizen streamer Army12bc will be featured on the Twitch Weekly show!

Twitch Weekly is a talk show done every Friday where they discuss all things Twitch related, including site updates, content, and more – the show regularly sees 100,000+ viewers.

The upshot of this is that for many of those viewers, this will be the first time that they see Star Citizen and it’s a great opportunity to attract some new blood to the community.

Army12bc is soliciting feedback over on Reddit, so if you have any suggestions please go and share them!  Personally I think this would be a good time to invite new folks to watch the GamesCom presentation by CIG on August 7th.

Army12bc on Twitch

Official Twitch Channel

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