Jul 24

Incredible Merlin Video by CrushBoss

Citizens!  CrushBoss has done it again.  This evening he showed me this amazing Merlin video and I knew I had to get it up on INN right away.

Merlin by CrushBoss

This video was shot by CrushBoss using dual joysticks and 3 foot pedals plus Track IR.  It really is incredible that the game was able to handle that many inputs and perform as beautifully as we can see in the video.  He dodges in and out of the landing platforms, flies along the surface of asteroids, weaves in and out of the terraformers all while performing incredible maneuvers.  In addition, we get shot after shot of the Merlin from excellent angles, really showing off the beauty and complexity of the little snub fighter.

From the man himself:

“This is a Flying video in my books – to get the message across ‘The SIM is real'” – CrushBoss

In addition, for me personally… I’m continually blown away at the level of detail that go into the ships in Star Citizen.  CrushBoss gets an amazing view here of the landing gear folding up into the Merlin.  I can’t wait to see this level of detail on a ship the size of and scale of the Idris for example.  Attention to detail makes great games.

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  1. jo ellen

    that is amazing. not only the ship, which i love, but the pilot. he dances that thing.
    the ship reminds me of classic wood speed boats, aft cockpit rum runners from the prohibition era. Something about the nose looks very nautical.

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