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Genesis Starliner Q&A – Part 1

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for part 1 of the two part Genesis Starliner Q&A.

Genesis Starliner Q&A Part 1

Technical Designer Randy Vazquez @ CIG Santa Monica answers 15 questions about the Starliner.  Part 2 comes Friday!

Here are my favourite questions from this part of the Q&A:

Is there any sort of exclusive equipment in the Genesis Starliner that couldn’t be installed in a different ship? Or can a variety of ships be fitted to fill a “starliner” role?

We intend for many ships to serve a “starliner” role if so desired; we will pursue this by making extra seats on existing spacecraft available for NPC travel. Passengers will likely be more interested in boarding a dedicated transport like the Starliner or a luxury ship like the 890 Jump than they would buy a ticket on the jump seat of a Freelancer… but we expect there’ll always be people to move around the galaxy!

Will you mainly transfer NPC’s or Players?

You will chart your own course here! We envision three ‘types’ of Starliners in the finished universe: those run by players to transportNPCs (player run businesses), those run by NPCs to transport both NPCs and players who need to go from place to place without a ship and then those run by players who adapt them for their own purposes. Which is a long way of saying that you’ll be able to either use your Starliner to run passenger missions… or you’ll be able to chart your own course with other players, like any other ship in the ‘Verse.

How viable is the Starliner as a ship for a solo player?

The Starliner is intended to be viable for a single player. While we like the idea of getting together a group of organization-mates to crew a Starliner together, we also know that it’s a ship many people will want to fly on their own.

Is the 403 cargo capacity listed separate from the 40 passengers mentioned in details?

This cargo is including personal cargo storage (overhead bins) as well as main storage (below decks.) It does not include the space used by the actual ‘people’ on the middeck. This ship is massive and has tons of space; if the seats and cabins and other equipment were removed, the cargo space would increase beyond the stated 403.

A couple of comments I have here.

I absolutely LOVE that the gameplay for being able to carry paying passengers is being extended from the Genesis Starliner to include all ships.  I personally feel that this small point will really help the game universe feel alive and interactive.

I would also like to say that the Starliner’s versatility is really attractive.  The ability to change its internal layout… right down to taking everything out and just using it to hall significant amounts of cargo.  In addition, the massive power system and redundant shielding means that the Genesis could see use as a transport ship in the less-safe parts of the ‘Verse, or alternatively as a smuggling ship, or a combat transport.

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