Jul 30

1.1.6 to PTU!

Greetings Citizens! 1.1.6 is up on the PTU! Launcher 2.3.1 can now be used for Live or PTU!

Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.6 Publish to PTU

CIG is hitting us with yet another update.  This time 1.1.6.  As is customary, it is first going to go through a round on the PTU to try to root out and smash as many bugs as possible.

Of note, 1.1.6 has Launcher 2.3.1 and Launcher 2.3.1 can now be used for the Live version as well as the PTU!

Patch 1.1.6 brings a bunch of changes but the most significant in my mind are improvements and modifications to Vanduul Swarm and a new Ready Up for all players in Arena Commander matches.

Enough of my blathering though, hear it from Will Leverett (Game Support Manager) himself:

Known Issue: At this time, many Windows 10 users are unable to use the Launcher version 2.3.1. We *think* we have a cause but we don’t want to make any assumptions. We thank you for your patience as we continue to investigate and gather more information on this issue.


Happy Thursday everyone!

We’re publishing 1.1.6 to PTU today along with Launcher 2.3 at 5pm CDT/10pm GMT.

We think you’ll be as excited about this rollout as we are: Not only does it contain Vanduul Swarm and Spectrum Match game updates, but it also enables you to use the superfast new Launcher on both on Live and on PTU!

Important Launcher 2.3 instructions:

– The Launcher from the previous PTU can be used and will self-patch to this version OR
– Grab it from: http://1.webseed.robertsspaceindustries.com/Installers/Star_Citizen_Launcher_Setup_2.3.exe.
– Again, this new Launcher will work for both Live AND PTU.

– When you start Launcher 2.3, log in with your NORMAL credentials that you normally use on the Live service.

– NOTE: The Launcher will automatically start downloading the LIVE build.
– You can either let the Live build download OR you can suspend it by hitting the Pause button on the lower right of the Launcher.
– If you download Live with the new Launcher, you will have two Star Citizen installs at that point, and you will want to uninstall your older Star Citizen copy.

– To copy your account to PTU, click the Options menu in the Launcher and select Copy Account. You no longer need to go to the website for this.
– Now click on the PTU button on the top left to proceed downloading 1.1.6.
– You will still get a PTU email with a temporary password but this is ONLY needed to change your PTU Hangar athttps://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com. In the future we will fix this so that the PTU site works with your normal credentials.

This Launcher will continue to work on both Live and PTU from now on!

Launcher 2.3 Updates:

– Has an Options menu!
– Has a button to verify all files in the Options menu.
– Has a download throttle to reduce bandwidth usage.
– Supports both Live and PTU with Single Sign-On.
– Fixed the audio crash issue (if it still happens, delete the audio file in your error message)

Known Issue: Changing between Live and PTU takes a minute or two while files are being indexed.

1.1.6 Game Updates:

– Battle Royale, Squadron Battle, and Capture the Core now require a minimum of four players.
– Raised maximum score on Battle Royale from 15,000 to 35,000.
– Lowered the maximum score of Squadron Battle from 100,000 to 75,000.
– Ready Up feature has now been added to all multiplayer game modes (this is inside the cockpit before the match starts).
– Ship scores have now been lowered again as too many points were given.
– Several changes were made to Vanduul AI.
– Shields and hull health for Vanduul increased.
– Number of AI Vanduul increased for three and four player Vanduul Coop missions.
– Vanduul AI tolerance increased to allow them to stay in combat longer.

We’ll monitor and update this thread as needed throughout the day.

Enjoy and happy hunting!

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