Jul 24

1.1.5 is Live!

Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.5 was just pushed to live! CIG has opted not to use the new launcher, so to download the update, fire up your old launcher.

The 1.1.5 update makes the Merlin and Scythe hangar ready and flyable, and the Merlin has gone on sale for $20. Pick one up here.

CIG has also upped the player count to 16 in both Battle Royale and Squad Battle, which should make for some interesting matches. They are hard at work raising the player counts across all gamemodes, and the German office has helped greatly with this.

1.1.5 also has a large amount of balance changes, with ships now retaining momentum better, meaning more planned actions will be necessary. Boost has seen a lot of changes, with consumption rates increased, so more careful boosting will be rewarded.

Missiles now also deal disruption damage, and the tracking distances have been increased, making them more effective at softening up targets on approach, not letting loose in the heat of battle.

The Mustang Delta can now swap out the rocket pods for other Size 2 weapons, the Avenger can now equip Size 2 weapons on the wings, and the Aurora now has a top speed of 175.

The real focus is on elevating the level of tactical play and decision making in everything from loadout to combat maneuvers to choice of battleground, and all the wild spaceship shenanigans in between.

The Wwise system is also in, so prepare your ears for a whole new level of awesome.

Check out the complete patch notes here!

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