Jul 21

Skidded Attacks Revisited

Using the Skidded Attack to Counter Drift and Overshoots in Star Citizen Alpha v1.1.5 Hello and welcome to a special edition of “Training Tuesday”, hosted by INN and put together by the folks over at Legacy Instructional Series! Our purpose here is to present some previous topics in a new light to help people cope […]

Jul 18

Reverse the ‘Verse Rewind – Friday 17th, July

Citizens! Did you miss Reverse the ‘Verse this week? Check out the highlights in our Top 5 below, or you could always click the video above for the replay. It’s never the same without you! If you missed CIG this week, you can always watch LIVE on Fridays at 11AM PT! And now, the highlights! […]

Jul 18

Star Citizen Alpha v1.1.5 LIVE on PTU!

That’s right, folks, the long-awaited v1.1.5 patch is upon us! Test fly the Merlin (or, if you are lucky, the Scythe), enjoy new changes to game mechanics ranging from maneuverability to hull strength to weapons, and see the fruits of CIG’s work on the backend by playing in 8v8 matches, benefiting from the new General Instance […]