Jun 19

Scythe Q&A

Greetings Citizens, CIG has just released a Q&A about the Scythe answering many questions that they have collected from the forum. Check it out here! 

Some highlights:

How would someone go about capturing a Scythe within the game?

In order to capture a ‘native’ Scythe, you would need to knock down the shields, carefully disable a significant portion of the main and maneuvering thrusters and then either kill or incapacitate the pilot. We intend this to be a significant challenge for all but the best fighter pilots!

Can NON-Imp subscribers rent a Scythe to fly with REC?

The current plan is for the Imperator Scythes to be assigned via badge rather than a specific amount of REC. (Remember that these Scythes appear only in Arena Commander and not the persistent universe; the different isn’t significant today, but it will be in the future!)

Will there be any game play that requires the use of a Vanduul ship in-game?

We don’t see anything in the persistent universe as being ‘required’; rather, there will certainly be experiences that are enabled by having a Scythe (traveling behind enemy lines) and others that different players may find improved with one (the lore includes at least one Scythe racer!) None of these things will ever be required for every player… Star Citizen is about making your own story with your own tools.

Will the Scythe be very modular?

No. Weapons and upgrades for the Scythe will likely be especially rare, as few human companies will profit by making them… and there are no Vanduul ports with which to trade. Upgrades to the Scythe will take the form of extremely limited human-manufactured addons and then Vanduul weapons and equipment collected by scavengers.

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