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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 51 Notes

Hello Citizens and welcome to INN’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 51!

Reverse the ‘Verse


Notes by Erris, Me, and LegoRobotDude

Notes in bold are important. Notes in italics are our own comments.


– #BlameJames

– We’ve got Ben, Jen, James, Alexis, Alyssa…

– They’re discussing Jurassic World.

– They seem to be mad at the movie, while also saying they liked it.

– ‘Dinosaurs eat people’

– [Ben, what’s the weather like?] Sunny and 70! – everyone else – That’s a lie!

– Also: Star Citizen!

– Dinosaurs in Star Citizen: Yes.  Space Dinosaurs.

– German magazine called “golem” is touring the Santa Monica office today.

– Retrospective at the beginning of AtV, thanks go out to years1hundred for putting it together.

Alyssa always looks shady.

– They’re talking about pokemon noises now. And Charmander’s tail flame.

[Will the text in the store that says if ships are flyable or not be fixed?] Yes.

– They’re talking about the Steam sale now.

There’s a new forum post. In two weeks, there’s AtV 50 episode, and they want to see us in AtV. You have a week to submit your pictures, and they’ll put them in an awesome montage, featuring all our lovely mugs.

Cool new audio design (WWise) for the Sneak Peek in AtV 48 – Gold Horizon gravity generator.

Later today there will be some footage of the guys in Austin QA flying around in the scythe. They will also release another Vanduul ship, one that was in the leak, but now it will have context.

– [Where is Lando?] Lando is giving the tour to the guys from Golem.

-The new guy always gives the tour, but Lando seems to enjoy it

– Alyssa said that she never had to give any tours and she thanks the flying spaghetti monster for that

– Travis will show up in the last 10 minutes of the stream to do his rapid-fire questions.

– [Will hangars get bigger to accommodate the range of 2.0 ships?] Yes.

– CitizenCon tickets are sold out.  Erris and FFFFFF is going to CitizenCon! (I will try to get interviews and things.)

– Ship Shape has arrived. (Lisa Ohanian)

– Lisa is drinking coffee, not a ‘shipshake’

– FPS questions will be addressed in the last 10 minutes.

Broad FPS status:  Still working on it, still some blockers.  Not tonight (don’t do patches Fridays anymore).

– Sometime before mid-July, there will be a raft of details about GamesCom. They’re working with tech companies about how the whole thing will work, stream and lighting wise and such.

15 minutes

– #sadjames

– Ship Shape is not only to talk about ship progress, but also show how they get that process, so the whole process of getting ships ready. What’s on Ship Shape depends on what’s out there.

– Lisa was trying hard to do an episode on the Freelancer but the guys working on it were rerouted temporarily to Squadron 42 and what she had to show from the ship was not very satisfying.

– Some weeks artists are polishing ships, some week’s they’re carefully drawing details on the side of a Bengal.

There is no controller balance update yet. The game has to come first, then they will balance it.

Its not a chicken or egg situation, game needs to come first

– Reverse the ‘Verse is powered by a mix of puns and caffeine.

They are getting everything they ever wanted for a Star Citizen HOTAS and it’s getting there… still in legal.

Ship sales – when, where and what. No sale this week. When there’s a concept sale, it’ll be announced a week in advance. There’s cool stuff in the pipeline, but nothing yet.

There are three types of sale – Concept sale, hangar ready, and flyable. They’re doing their best to not do multiple concept sales in a row.

Taking their time with new concept sales… want to demonstrate they can deliver ships too.

– Ben and Alyssa are talking about things in code that we can’t understand.

[When will we see frankfurt in AtV?] Hopefully next week. They have to make sure the audio and video are good before they can join in.

– Shoutout to Technomancer for an awesome username.

[Will there be a show where we get to see different clothing options?] Yeah, Jenny would love to do something like that, it’s just the logistics of when and timing and what can be released. It’s on the radar though.

[What percentage of overall resources are currently working towards SQ42?] A lot, but not all. Probably between Santa Monica and the UK, over half, but dedicated people are working on other stuff. Austin isn’t working on SQ42 at all. Artists in Santa monica are working on SQ42, but not programmers or designers. And things like FPS, it’s its own thing, but it is used for SQ42 so… yeah.

Lots of people are annoyed that CIG aren’t releasing a lot of information about SQ42, and they’re trying to hold onto it. Open development doesn’t mean they’ll show us everything they do as they do it, it means they’ll tell us what they’re doing. We won’t see everything they’re doing for SQ42, they want there to be surprises. It’s not going to change. They’re being honest saying that, lots of our resources are working on SQ42, but they want it to be a surprise when you open up SQ42. They don’t want it to be like, open game, oh, I’ve seen all of these ships already.  

– Lisa knows all of the ships, because it’s her job, but she knows nothing about the story. The community team don’t’ want to know things they don’t have to.

No ETA on new CCU system, Turbulent is hard at work

[Updates on year 2 printed jump points?] There will be a preorder process. They need to sell ~2000 copies if they’re going to be viable. There’ll be a 30 day preorder period. If they can get enough orders, they’ll do it. If they can’t, we’ll get our money back.

It’ll be available to everyone, with discounts to different levels of subscribers.

Not comfortable doing big sale things when FPS still isn’t out.

– No new updates on the Caterpillar

– A concept artist is working actively on the Crucible. No ETA’s, but it’s being worked on.

– Ryan Church is the concept artist on the Crucible.

– Don’t show your interest for a jump point re-run in customer support tickets.

– Watch your language in the chat. Keep it PG.

30 minutes

– Social module teasers? Nope. that’s up to Austin. We’ll hear more about it after FPS.

– When Dave Hobbins designed some ships, the entry space was really tiny for humans (the Mustangs), and they had to be reworked completely. Called it the Hobbins hole. Anytime the design doesn’t match what it’s supposed to do, they call it a Hobbins hole.

[Are there additional payment options coming?] Yes. They’re working on it, getting close to a final thing with a new thing that should open up a few more payment options.

– [Can we fly the Merlin soon?] It’s coming along.

[Mousepads?] Yes. If there’s a specific one you want to see, let Alexis know on the forums. They’re easy to make.

– [Can we use grabby hands to make sandwiches?] I’d assume so. Everything is very articulated.

– Toast eats Butter and Vegemite sandwiches.

– Turbulent is actively working on two-factor authentication, but no ETA on completion.

Travel coffee mugs and a hoodie coming soon

– Disco Lando has arrived with some press people and cameras.

– German folks on the tour say hi along with Lando.

– Lando gets burned hard about “keeping secrets”.

– Ben found some old Wing Commander art, and is doing some show and tell.

The Endeavour concept is still being worked on. It’s being worked on by Jim Martin now. Should expect to see it soon?

The Avenger – no-one’s working on it right now.

– There’s a meeting coming up to determine new ship variants. Finding out the variants for various ships.

– Someone is filming RtV as it’s being webcast.

– Final push for major organization of Confluence will be done at the end of the month.

– Travis probably won’t be at Gamescom.

– Jenny messed up the Camera.

– James has a new Pokemon jacket.

– [Will there be Dragonfly variants?]  Probably… but they’ll come up with the ship first.  That’s on the radar but they need to figure out some design stuff for the concept.  Eventually though, there will probably be variants.  Don’t know what they’ll be yet, ideas floating around but nothing concrete.

– Is the room system part of the social module? Yes? Possibly? Room system is an earworm that’s stuck in everyone’s heads, but the social module is beyond just the room system.

– There are about 100 people in the room for RtV now.

– Travis Time

– FPS when? Can’t answer.

– How many levels being worked on? Two currently for FPS. More levels in the works as well.

– Terra, Stanton, Nyx are being worked on.

– Fighting outside the space station in FPS?  Not on initial release.  Perhaps later.

– Vision for AC 3.0 is getting FPS and space combat together at last. Could be outside the space station.

– Plan on having 64 player maps? Yes, at some point they’ll have to because they want a high player count. On initial launch, the largest will be 32 players.

45 minutes

– No bullet penetration on first release, subsequent releases will have bullet penetration

– Closest FPS to Star Marine is original counterstrike. Sort of, but not really.

– What’s holding back FPS? Changes to networking back-end to get to 32 player count on FPS, which will improve the ability to have multiple ships. They’ll get more ships out of the work they’re doing for more FPS players.

At least a 20% reduction in loading times coming.

– Rob Irving and Ben were always Jay and Silent Bob.

– Start/stop and Juke is a work in progress.  Engineering changes have been wrapped.  Hooking up motion capture assets.  It feels responsive and quick but with weight.  When you look at another player it has good fluidity like Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed.

– How will FPS latency be vs current latency? A lot of the stuttering and rubber banding is caused by the number of attachments on ships, but the network changes will help that too

– Training gallery? They will possibly add a ‘free fight’ mode, a single-player and multiplayer free fight to go into a server with no rules and just  explore and shoot.

– 64-bit update has been integrated into Game Dev stream.  Not in FPS but will be in subsequent releases.

– Paul is the dirtiest player at CIG.

How big is the Gold Horizon map? In the PU it’ll have a larger interior space than in FPS, but compared to an official CS Go, it’s smaller than something like DE Cobble, roughly on a Dust II scale, maybe a bit tighter, but more windy. Less square footage.

Randy just showed up… he’s working on the Starliner.  We’ll be seeing him lots in the coming weeks.

– Shout-out to Soldier of Fortune.

Initially, there will be limb damage and characters and animations will react to that, for walking speed and aiming ability and such, but it will be fleshed out more after launch

– We will see the Starliner “legitimate soon” – sometime in the next couple of weeks.

– Anyone working on Herald? It’s for SQ42, but it’s not being worked on right now, artists have been pulled to work on the Bengal.  Slated to be worked on soon.

– There will be leaderboards for FPS

– Can get shot in hands, upper arms, lower arms, chest, upper leg, lower leg, head, and possibly abdomen.

– Banu MM in SQ42? No.

– AI for Horde mode is being worked on

– How many man hours required to get Bengal out? They’re not sure yet, and they’re trying to come up with something that’ll be accurate. Huge ship, they’re approaching some things differently. They have one or two folks on R&D figuring out how to approach certain problems. Estimate would be thousands of man hours.

– FPS version zero: 80 – 85% completion – it’s that last 10-20% that is polish and detail that needs to come together.

– Bengal is not even SoonTM

– Fall damage will be localized to the parts of your body that hit first. If you fall, your legs will take damage.

– Netcode barriers:  Still hitting a hard cap on the upper bandwidth limitations. they’re going to increase the bandwidth limitations and improve the structure and the data set size of their RMI’s.  RMI’s are basically guaranteed send and receive with confirmation.  Might move some of that to serialization which is a binary update so there’s a smaller bit size.

– Lisa just made an inappropriate joke

– Someone said 1000 man hours, someone said get a woman to do it, Lisa said there are no work stations in the kitchen, Alyssa started laughing

– The men in the room do not approve of the joke.

– Lisa and Alyssa are incredibly inappropriate.

– Travis confirms there are work stations in the kitchen

– Ben has seen people working in the kitchen.

– How are the Kr’Thak coming along? They’re great! They’re KrrrrtttahAAAAK!

– Galactapedia:  Cherie was there earlier and she said she is working on it and it’s coming along.   Currently she is focusing on getting their Confluence to a better place.  She’s rolling out a lot of changes with that next week.  It’s not exciting for us, Confluence is internal information database, but after that she’ll be shifting focus to work on the Galactapedia full force.

– Travis’s favorite ship is the Aurora because it has a bed in the back and John Pritchett, Physics Programmer, once told him, ”When the Aurora is rockin’, don’t come a knockin’”.

– Alyssa wants to start an an all-Vanduul pirate fleet called the Malicious Marauders.

– What’s Darian doing? He’s eating horribly disgusting foods and he’s buried in JIRA.

Dave Haddock and the other writers are on set writing SQ42 shoots, because everything gets revised as they go.

Size for the FPS patch should only be slightly larger than the current AC patch. Lots has been culled. The leak helped motivate them to do a better job of exclusions for what gets excluded from patches.

– Excludiber is their new tool to remove stuff from patches

– Haven’t yet figured out how to clone Zane, but they’re working on it.

Some of the grenades light up as they explode… last thing you see before you die.

Will we have guns that take advantage of 0g? Not at initial release, but there will be force propulsion grenades that don’t do as much on G, but in 0G they’ll throw you around.

Medical gameplay for FPS – on initial release, you’re pointing a healing spray at a patient. Long term, it’ll be more complicated. Read the comm-link for how it will work.

[What kind of thrusters are on the space suits?] Small ones, built in.

[When are we getting the new Idris?] Being worked on in the UK. Luke, in the UK, is like the Lisa of the UK. She’ll check in to see how the Idris is.

New Vanduul ship today.

Will we see game modes like CTF that use vehicles and people? Yes. that’s AC 3.0. They’ve talked about Capture the Idris and such. Objective retrieval gameplay, other ideas like having ‘space mcguffins’, resources that are arrayed in ways either team could capture them, probably use cargo as that mcguffin. Use that as a prototype for the cargo system. AC is supposed to be fun, supposed to be a game, but as they start introducing elements that are more for the PU, they’ll phase them in to AC.

– And now CIG try to mess with INN again:

Okay.  I can’t.

– zeblamations,

you should probably try to write this down

oh my god

– cast members of SQ42

– Drunk bears.


– I am just going to continue talking you should probably take this down did I tell you about the yeah man I was totally there drop bears hahahaha

Thanks for watching.

– Check out KagedGeek live after RtV!

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