Jun 22

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 19

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Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 19!

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This week on the cast, things explode!

Actually nothing explodes, sorry.

Joining me this week are Wolf Larsen, Asytra, INN’s newest team member, and Dolvak!

So, sit down, try not to cry too much over the intro, and enjoy!

This week’s topics:

1:00 – INN welcomes Asytra, our newest member. Check her out on Twitter.

6:15 – Women and Star Citizen. INN discusses the current lack of women interested in Star Citizen, and contemplate the future.

14:55 – INN Rewind – This week, we rewind the 11 and 12 million dollar stretch goals.

18:25 – News with Nehkara`s Replacement – This week, as Nehkara is away, Dolvak does the news!

25:40 – INN discusses the Netcode issues that CIG are having, how they’re delaying FPS, and what it means for the rest of the game.

31:00 – Chris Roberts E3 video – INN did an in-depth, frame-by-frame analysis of Chris Roberts’ E3 video. Check it out here!

33:20 – Closing remarks. Find out where to find Asytra, take the INN Survey, and check out INN’s new Calendar page!

And that’s all for this week! As always, thanks to everyone who’s supported us over on Patreon, thanks to everyone who’s given us suggestions either here in the comments or on Reddit, keep listening, keep suggesting, and we’ll see you all in the ‘Verse!


As always, all editing done by the indefatigable Mr. White


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  1. Gianfranco "Goose" Battista

    Great episode!

    On the topic of Netcode and BF4, their move to a 30hz tickrate has VASTLY improved the gaming experience.

    My brother who frequents the CTE (Community Test Environment) told me they are testing out 120hz… I hope CIG can get at least 30hz or more if they can.

    • Erris

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      And yeah, BF4 has gotten better (not that I play it anymore), but at launch it was unplayable.

      Hopefully CIG won’t have that same mistake (though by testing everything in PTU before hand, and with everything still being alpha, they should be safe : )

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