Jun 8

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 17

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Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 17!

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Hello everyone,

This week we have a pretty busy podcast! Six guests on! And a super-spiffy intro, done by sixfsincaps! Seriously, his work is stellar, and while he always edits out us thanking him on the podcast, he can’t edit it out from here!

So sit down, pull up a chair, turn on your Radiation King, pop open a Nuka Cola, and enjoy!

This week, we talk about:

2:25 – Fan Spotlight. This week’s fan spotlight is CrushBoss, who’s also INN’s newest team member! Check out his work right here!

6:05 – INN Rewind – This week, we rewind the 5.5 and 6 million dollar goals! To check out past and future INN rewind goals, head over to RSI and check out their funding page!

9:50 – News with Nehkara!

21:00 – After the News, we discuss an excellent run-down by Reddit user LordX3n0saeon (whose name I hope I got right). The rundown goes through all of the changes CIG have made to the base CryEngine, and gives a great view of how much work CIG have actually done. So check it out!

23:30 – FPS News. Star Marine isn’t out yet, but I won’t let that stop us from talking about it!

28:25 – Monthly Report Rundown – Commander Cruisin’ Tom runs us through the Monthly Report

34:00 – Coming Next from INN – Dolvak and LegoRobotDude talk about some of the things that’ll be coming next to INN.

36:50 – As a reminder, on Tuesday, Ben Lesnick will be on INNverse the ‘Verse, which you can watch live on our Twitch channel at 9pm EST!

As always, thanks to everyone who supported us this week, and thank you all for listening!


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