Jun 26

What is INN?

Hello Citizens!  Check out our awesome new INN commercial!

After many revisions, iterations, and other modifications… the INN commercial is now ready to be seen!

What is INN?

A lot of INN staff took part in the creation of this video but I would like to specifically call out Bluir who did absolutely amazing work on putting it all together.  He did a spectacular job.  Also, another massive thanks to our audio wizard sixfsincaps for his incredible work.

At the end of the day we just wanted to reiterate to you, INN readers and Star Citizen fans, our commitment to bringing you the best Star Citizen content, news, analysis, and all the rest.

Believe it or not INN has only been around for just over 5 months.  Thank you so much for all of your support and for just visiting us, reading what we have to say (or summarize), and leaving comments/suggestions/feedback.  We really appreciate it.

Special shout out to our backers on Patreon.  It would be much much more difficult doing this without your help.

Stay tuned to INN in the future folks, we always have new stuff on the horizon!

Also, big thanks to the other INN folk directly involved with the creation of this commercial:

  • Wolf Larsen
  • Legorobotdude
  • Erris
  • AnalogDan
  • CmdrCruisinTom
  • Byronyk

As always with these things, I’m sure I’m missing someone… so if you’re reading this and thinking, “Hey! I helped!”  Well thank you too!

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