Jun 26

Flight Manual: Aegis Dynamics P5G Gladius


Nimrod_77 is back, this time with his newest Star Citizen flight manual covering the Aegis Dynamics Gladius.

Meet the Gladius.

The Gladius is a single seat, carrier borne, light weight multi-role spacecraft built by Aegis Dynamics (AG) Corporation. The spacecraft has two size 2 weapon hardpoints on the outerwing. One size 2 and one size 3 (two total) missile pylons are able to be fitted to the wings. A single size 2 weapon mount is located on the nose. Effective protection is afforded to the spacecraft by way of a size 2 Ascension Astro Soloshield shield (size 3 max).

So begins the latest edition in Nimrod_77’s incredible series of Star Citizen space craft flight manuals. The Gladius manual joins his previous catalog including:

Aegis Dynamics Gladius Circle AttackBack when I reviewed Nimrod_77’s first manual, the T8A Gladiator, I was so excited about how the material it contained was pretty transferable across the single and double seat fighter ships. It’s so great to see him continue to grow the library and get specific for each ship. As you can see in the image to the right, he even goes through the trouble of revising the ship in each of the dozens of diagrams each manual contains.

Similar to past efforts, this manual covers all the basics on operating the Aegis Dynamics Gladius, as well as information on combat and emergency procedures. Here’s the full chapter list:

  • Chapter 1 – Spacecraft
  • Chapter 2 – Systems
  • Chapter 3 – Indoctrination
  • Chapter 4 – Flight Characteristics
  • Chapter 5 – Disembarked procedures
  • Chapter 6 – Carrier procedures
  • Chapter 7 – Combat
  • Chapter 8 – Emergency procedures

We’re incredibly impressed with the level of thought and detail Nimrod_77 puts into his work, and we’re so proud to have his permission to share it with the  Star Citizen community. Feel free to download the Aegis Dynamics Gladius manual and check it out!

Download the Aegis Dynamics Gladius Flight Manual

View the Flight Manual series

By the way, the Aegis Dynamics Gladius is an incredibly fun ship to fly and she’s very capable in a fight. If you don’t already have one, I strongly recommend it!

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  1. John

    Hi ! I have a 320i (?) in STAR CITIZEN. Running the latest 2.0 version. Was looking for PDF manual that would better help explain how to fly better than the online trainer. (and also a PDF keyboard layout ) and print out a physical copy of the manual. Any chance you are going to make a manual for the 320i ?

    Many thanks !


  2. Mike


    Hey, just wanted to suggest this manual for the Gladius, at least until INN puts out flight manuals for the 300 series (which I would love, btw).

    In my experience, the hardpoints, speed, and handling are very similar, with the Gladius being a little tougher and hard to hit. So the vast majority of the tactics in this manual ought to map to the 300 series very well.

    Good luck!


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