Jun 24

Defensive Maneuvering Video

Legacy Instructional Series Presents: Academics DFM1, Defensive Maneuvering

Hello space pilots! The LIS Team is hard at work creating the tools you need to improve in Star Citizen. Next up is perhaps the most important lesson for a new player, as it will allow one to stay alive long enough to accomplish the mission and have fun.

The academics video takes an in-depth look at the mechanics behind defensive maneuvering. It is intended to give pilots the understanding they need to eventually learn to maneuver creatively.

The exercise videos give you maneuvers to practice on your own, in Arena Commander, right now. You do not need to go through the academics content to get something out of the exercises. Their focused on simply allowing you to develop the muscle memory for the types of movement you need to successfully evade hostile action.

Watch Exercise DFM1-1: Barrel Rolls, Barrel Yaws

Watch Exercise DFM1-2: Escape Zooms

Watch Exercise DFM1-3: Barrel Zooms

Watch Exercise DFM1-4: Arcing Zooms

Watch Exercise DFM1-5: Skidded Zooms

Watch Exercise DFM1-6: Cross Section Missile Evasion

For those who prefer text guides, we’ll be producing articles in the same vein as the Space Combat Maneuvering 2 for this and the other academics videos weekly as part of a new scheduled content release: “Training Tuesdays”. These will have updated and streamlined information for the course, visuals, and more – stay tuned to INN so that you don’t miss it!

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